The tango of the déconfinement, where to draw the line ?

Le tango du déconfinement, où tracer la ligne ?

Several count the days, or even hours : it has now been twelve weeks of confinement that Quebecers have invested, collectively, to protect, as far as possible, the adverse effects of the COVID-19.

This was a massive effort : it has often been necessary to cut a part of our family, our friends, our workplace, and a lot of the things that are essential to our life, to our well-being… and sometimes also for our health. We were wise, disciplined and followed the instructions to the letter ; now it is the time of the rewards of letting go and having ” fun ” ! But be careful…

The perils of a spring too liberating

As the winters in quebec are forcing us often to live as a hermit and away from freezing temperatures, the first real nice warm sunny day of spring we grow-often taking over the terraces and parks at the first opportunity. However, the winter that we have just been through was much more rough than the others, not because of the cold, nor storms. The presence of the coronavirus and its miseries (financial insecurity, family conflict, disorganization of the health system, loneliness, concern for the health of his loved ones, to name a few examples) have made our daily winter even more difficult.

The announcement of this déconfinement gradual, become possible because of the decrease in the number of cases, proved to be necessary for our mental health, which in time began to crumble. The accumulation of frustrations, sadness, anger, and discouragement had become heavy to carry, hence the importance for the public health of releasing it (a little) the flange.

Finding the right balance : a challenge for each of us

If the re-opening of the shops, the resumption of some activities and the return of some types of gatherings external to the delight of many, they also bring a source of concern for a large part of the population, fearing a too great relaxation.

At this stage, and much more during this déconfinement which will be phased in gradually throughout the season and in the coming months, it will be necessary to ensure to find the right balance between ensuring the safety of the population, and our family, while enjoying the freedoms made possible in the framework of this déconfinement.

The maintenance of this balance necessary for our physical and mental health will be difficult for all of us. Our desire to go towards others, to draw us together if entrechoquera with the incentives to the prudence of the authorities, without any from the conduct and behaviours which will vary inevitably for everyone.

Stay tuned… in spite of the fear which decreases

With the gradual return of outings, reunions and gatherings, the fear will gradually deconditioning and decrease with time. Increasingly, they will find some comfort and some of the activities which we have been deprived, which could leave a decrease of vigilance… and that is precisely where there is a risk.

Because this comfort found does not mean the end of the pandemic or the disappearance of the coronavirus, quite the contrary. It is important to keep in mind that the future belongs to us : if we adhere collectively, the safety and remain cautious despite the freedoms that have made possible this déconfinement, we will minimize the risk and the magnitude of the second wave… and a return to the starting point. This return to zero would be extremely painful, especially after all these efforts that we would definitely not have made to get there.

Remain sensitive to this fear that will decrease with time and the return to a certain normality that would make us lower our guard too quickly. In the pleasure of pulling out, and find us, let’s be careful, on the alert, and remain vigilant… this will be infinitely more profitable, and this, for each of us.

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