The tartars, a successful beef despite the crisis

Les tartares, un succès bœuf malgré la crise

As hundreds of restaurants were playing their survival, a banner in quebec of tartars has seen its sales jump by 50 % in the midst of a crisis of the beef price.

“We roll to 125 % of our turnover usual. At some counters, sales have jumped 50 %, even if the dining halls were closed, ” says Jean-Michel Paquet, a great patron of the banner of tartars Kutö, which has 16 branches.

Even if one of its ingredients the headlights, the fresh beef, it is more expensive because of the case of COVID-19 that have paralyzed the meat processing plants, such as Cargill, Chambly, Kutö taste the success.

“Since the beginning, the price of beef tartare have soared more than 40 %, but we have absorbed this increase to not pass on to our customers “, continued Jean-Michel Paquet.

Based in the Vieux-Longueuil four years ago, Kutö has its head office and processing plant of fifteen employees in Delson, Montérégie.

The fish more stable

Unlike 70 % of restaurateurs in the country who may be unable to pay their bills for the coming three months, according to Restaurants Canada, the Kutö has seen its sales explode thanks to the takeaway.

“The price of salmon and tuna, it is stable these days, but not the beef. Before, I bought just Cargill. Now, I phone around to find lots. I buy from different companies, ” explains the owner.

Increased workload

Before the crisis, the business man had to do was place an order to receive its pallets of fresh beef that he refilait to its franchisees, but the current crisis has complicated things.

He must now spend a quarter of his time on the phone to find lots across the country.

“My workload has exploded. There are weeks where I was doing the delivery. There are others where I was doing night shifts for bake croutons with my wife, ” says Jean-Michel Paquet. I would never have done this six months ago because I had 15 employees. We moved to five. “

Trial by fire

Today, the entrepreneur, who divides his time between the opening of new franchises and his other two restaurants, one in St-Constant and the other in Paris, believes that the crisis will be the test of fire of the restorers.

“The current situation means that the true will come out, those who come up with solutions and who are ready to work “, concludes Jean-Michel Paquet.

♦ More than half of cattle farmers believe that programs of emergency assistance are insufficient, according to a recent survey from the canadian Federation of independent business.

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