The taxi driver hit a crowd of pedestrians in Central Moscow and tried to escape

Таксист сбил толпу пешеходов в центре Москвы и попытался сбежать

A taxi driver was shot down on June 16 in the center of Moscow, the driver drove into a crowd of passers-by on the street Ilyinka. The car slowly moving in traffic, suddenly swerved from the roadway to the sidewalk. In the result, eight people were injured, including two citizens of Mexico and one citizen of Ukraine. As reported by telegram channel Mash, five of the victims were hospitalized, their condition is estimated as satisfactory.

A taxi driver was a citizen of Kyrgyzstan Anarbek Genghis, after the accident, jumped out of the car and tried to escape. He was caught and detained by passers-by. The investigators found that before the incident, the man was driving more than 20 hours.

Main Department of internal Affairs across Moscow has published video of interrogation of the detainee. According to the driver, the accident was unintentional and happened inadvertently. He was going to miss a passerby, for a second I fell asleep and hit the wrong pedal, mechanically pressing on the gas instead of the brake and turning the wheel to the right. The culprit said that he regrets the incident.Таксист сбил толпу пешеходов в центре Москвы и попытался сбежать

At the time of the accident, as Genghis was driving 20 hours, and slept two or three hours. The taxi driver was directed to another order, and after that he was going home to sleep. According to him, he attempted to flee the scene of the accident because he was scared and thought that he would be killed enraged passers-by. Таксист сбил толпу пешеходов в центре Москвы и попытался сбежать

Genghis got a driver’s license in 2013, but its driving experience, in his own words, is only two years. In Moscow about a month he worked as a taxi driver in “checkpoint”. According to the center of traffic organization of Moscow government, his work permit is valid until October 2022. Medical examination did not record the presence of alcohol in his system.

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