The teacher died trying to save other people’s children “Winter cherry” in Kemerovo

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Вчителька загинула, рятуючи чужих дітей "Зимової вишні" в Кемерово

On that fateful Sunday evening in the Mall “Winter cherry” in Kemerovo there were a lot of families, informs news, Ukrmedia.

The teacher Oksana Evseeva brought his class “5A” Trusevska high school to watch the cartoon, and the teacher 17-th high school, she Darsalia came with his daughter.

In the end, during the terrible fire one of them died, and the second, according to witnesses, managed to get out of a burning TC. However, where she might be now is unknown.

The students were killed. The teacher may have saved.

Вчителька загинула, рятуючи чужих дітей "Зимової вишні" в Кемерово

During the fire, eight children were unable to escape from a burning hall of the cinema. Homeroom teacher at that time not viewed with children cartoon and walked around the Mall.

The parents of the tragically deceased students claim that the woman is alive.

They believe that seen as she runs out of the house during a fire. However, Oksana Evseeva still missing.

Came back to save the children!

Вчителька загинула, рятуючи чужих дітей "Зимової вишні" в Кемерово

Tatyana Marsala, which came in the Mall with my daughter to get out of the shopping centre failed.

Witnesses said that when the Mall caught fire, the teacher brought his daughter out of the building and ran to the upper floors, to help out children who are trapped.

The woman taught foreign languages in the Kemerovo grammar school №17, and also was the Director of studies on educational work.

The students recognized that she was a wonderful teacher and they will miss her.

A terrible tragedy!

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