The teachers are poorly trained in the specialized disciplines, according to a study

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The teachers feel that they have not received enough training in the discipline they will teach, in this case the history of Canada and Quebec.

The high-school teachers are poorly trained to deal with the reality of the school and are not sufficiently trained in the specialties they teach, at least for the teaching of history, geography and other subjects that must be covered in the social universe.


This is what emerges from a study conducted by three researchers in the domain of history that have sifted through the teacher training programs in 14 quebec universities and surveyed more than 200 teachers.


The survey shows that teachers don’t feel they have received sufficient training in the discipline they will teach, in this case the history of Canada and Quebec : in fact, the curriculum at the secondary level is projected to provide 200 hours of history courses, but teachers have received only two courses in this discipline during the four years of their university career, which is only 10 %.


In consideration, they feel they have received too of course unnecessary, especially in didactics, but also in educational psychology. This latter finding has led researchers to push further, because the teachers also tell of being ill-prepared to deal with the reality of school in 2017, with overcrowded classes, integration of students in difficulty, and other realities that are rarely addressed in their training.


Training disconnected


According to the authors, the historian Gilles Laporte, training, teaching and learning is disconnected from the middle and would need the input of more practitioners, on the one hand. On the other hand, it is estimated that it takes up too much space compared to the training in the discipline that must be taught.


Although their research did not focus on the other disciplines, the researchers believe that the same observation could apply to the teachers who will be in charge of training in the natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, etc) and in French because the training offered by the faculties of education, and attaches disproportionate weight to the training in sciences of the education.


They recommend to increase the disciplinary training, particularly in geography and history of Canada and Quebec.


In addition, the researchers recommend that the ministry of Education to allow holders of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant program, for example, in history or in geography, access to secondary education at the end of a one-year training in pedagogy and an internship.

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