The teeth of the dragon.What goes around…

Зубы дракона.Что посеешь…

What goes around…

The world famous Ukrainian black soil, without exaggeration, is one of the greatest gifts of nature. Land that does not require almost any additional fertilizer, which, as the old adage goes, is so fertile that it is sufficient to stick to it stick to it over time blossomed. Not life, but a fairy tale, live and be happy…

But if in such fertile soil instead of the seeds of truth and goodness to scatter the seeds of lies and hatred, dispassionate soil, reworking these “gifts”, will give a crop that will be scary.

Remember how in one of the most thrilling stories of Greek mythology, the myth of the Argonauts, brave heroes of Hellas, went to distant Colchis for the Golden fleece under the leadership of Jason, refers to a variety of difficult and dangerous tests that they had to pass before they could get the precious fleece.

One of these tests, which the artful king of Colchis was subjected to Jason was to plow the field of Ares and sow his mysterious dragon’s teeth.

These “seeds” were given an unexpected shoots instead of green shoots from the earth seemed spearheads, and soon the tops of the helmets, and behind them heads in those helmets, and then the earth parted and the whole field was covered with warriors in shining armor.

These men full of untamed anger and truly bestial rage, threatened the hero-Elina imminent death.

On the dietary peculiarities of Ukrainian grammar

I first came to Ukraine, then Ukrainian SSR in 1985. Just passed the April Plenum in public discourse included words such as “perestroika” and “acceleration”. Over the country flew the winds of change, but it is not clear yet subtle…

In September 1985 I went to 6th grade, one in Chernihiv schools. And as he lived in Russia, according to the then existing rules of the Ministry of education and on the basis of the circular of the education Department I was exempt from studying the Ukrainian language and literature. And while my classmates sat in the classroom on these two items, I was left to myself and aimlessly wandered the corridors. The Soviet school such carelessness is not encouraged, and therefore I was obliged by the lessons still to be present, at least as a “free student”.

Remember, it was “Crying Yaroslavna” in the statement of Taras Shevchenko.

“In Putivl-grad Franz-before Spa-crying of Yaroslavna…” ― these beautiful lines, and now, many years later, still pop up in my head. I never complained about the memory, and when a dozen of my classmates read this poem by heart, and I’m also almost learned it just by ear.

All who are little bit familiar with the peculiarities of the Ukrainian language, know that, despite the almost identical Russian alphabet, the sounds of some letters differs significantly, and if you try to read the Ukrainian text with a Russian accent, you get only confusion and General laughter.

The Charter, apparently, from the other, a teacher of Ukrainian language and literature have turned their attention to me and asked me to read this poem not by heart, but directly from the textbook. I, slightly embarrassed, said that, unfortunately, do not know how to read Ukrainian letters and will not able to fulfill her requirement. In response, I heard something that put me in a slight shock: “Ukrainian Bread to eat know how ― hence the letters should know”… As they say, silent scene, curtain.

This happened in Western Ukraine and in the region where on the border of the three brotherly republics is a monument to “unbreakable friendship” in the then one hundred percent Russian-speaking city of Chernihiv, one of the best schools named after M. Gorky, with in-depth study of the English language… the yard was In 1985.

Why have not I heard from my classmates in later years. And the fact that Russians very often drunkards and idlers, but the Ukrainians ― insanely hard-working and Thrifty people, and silly sayings like “the crest was born ― the Jew wept” or “it was a crest*RAL on the table, walked Katsap teeth DAC”, and much more…

And the funny thing is, it was pronounced by them all easily, without malice, without any desire to offend me, but rather in need of to enlighten, to open my eyes, to attach to the great knowledge of wonderful people ― the Ukrainians.

Racial theory ― Kolomyia edition

After a few years came senior year, and the last in his life school holidays in the spring of 1990, we as a class decided to hold a week-long tourist trip to Western Ukraine in the small town of Coloma.

The impressions from that trip, I must say, were very positive. We climbed the mountain, visited imbued with the spirit of mystery maniava monastery that served for us the living embodiment of the monastery of the famous novel by Umberto Eco “the name of the rose”, visited the craft fair in the town. We lived all this time on the unfinished tourist base, somewhat similar to modern hostels. Together with us, but on another floor lived the guys from Pervomaisk, Luhansk region. You need to clarify what good meals we got in the dining room at a camp site. Knowing that we are from Chernigov, employees of the dining room treated us quite friendly and even affection, which could not be said about our peers from the Donbass. They are always fed last, rude, let’s have cold dishes on the principle that remains…. And it all ended up a serious fight Luhansk guys with the local rabble which came to the camp “beat the Muscovites.” Tried local fighters “jump” on us, but further verbal sparring is not reached. During this “conversation” we learned that, in principle, to us they have no complaints, because in their minds we are “proper Ukrainians”, but “Muscovites Lugansk” is another matter.

We must pay tribute to the foresight of Kolomiya raguli: the guys from Pervomaisk was indeed “wrong Ukrainians” and were able in 2014 to defend their honor and freedom from such “right”, among whom were, alas, came from Chernihiv.

…so shall you reap

The horror of Ukrainian realities in that cave nationalism as a tumor struck the immature minds of the vast number of Ukrainian citizens, came to little Russia than with Western Ukraine. It, nationalism, is a natural, deep, ancestral for these people, but, in fact, is not nationalism.

In my opinion, in Ukraine there are no nationalists, that is, those who exalt their own nation, humiliating the other, but only stupid and limited people who are in various stages of hatred towards outsiders. While “zapadentsy” show just the same refined xenophobia and hate in General all those who are not lucky to live next door to them: Russians, Jews, poles and even Ukrainians of all others, considering them to be “imperfect” ― these “other Ukrainian” in the last half century was thus reducing their own xenophobia and concentrate on the dislike of the Russian.

It so happened that I lived or at least visited the child in almost all national republics of the USSR. None of them have I encountered such an attitude towards Russians and Russia, as in Ukraine, where any meal and intimate conversation in their circle is sure no-no and will come up on his favorite topic “the hungry, lazy and also drinking big brother” (the/f “72 meters”). The passion with which the “little Ukrainians” bend over backwards to prove that they are better than the Russian, is just amazing. And it never occurred to them that such a comparison is flawed in itself and not only demonstrates their advantages, but also exposes the most vile reservoir of their souls.

Little Russian resentment

To justify their failures to the machinations of the “evil Muscovites”, constantly trying to find the root of all evil, just the existence of more rich and successful neighbor, bogged down deep in jealousy and impotent rage under the bravura cries of greatness ― in fact, forming in his own mind a deep inferiority complex. That’s the ugly face of the little Russian Russophobia.

She had taken already so grotesque and ugly that, in fact, turned into a little Russian resentment: a feeling of weakness, worthlessness, and envy towards “the enemy”, which leads to the formation of a system of values, completely denying the value system of the “enemy” to eventually get rid of feelings of guilt for their own failures.

Our common Victory turned into mourning, our common heroes give profane, glorifying outright scum and butchers, brothers called occupiers, shared the history of the spit and century, for which we created together and created one of the most powerful States in the world, suddenly turns into a gloomy centuries of national oppression and injustice.

The teeth of the dragon

And so it grew generously poured blood and sweat of the endless little fields, the terrible dragon’s teeth.

And what about the fearless leader of the Argonauts Jason? Faced with countless hordes on the field of Ares, Ellyn threw a huge stone into the midst of the mob, what caused them to fight each other. Passionate about bloodbath, they ceased to pay attention to our hero, allowing him to defeat them with little bloodshed. When anger and rage welled up in my eyes, aggression will always find a way, and is it any wonder that those soldiers actually killed themselves.

So generous and shoots Ukrainian xenophobia are doomed to be defeated by your own impotent rage. And the poison of hatred and envy that so generously feeds their rebellious spirit, one will poison their body.

It is only a matter of time.

Alexey Belov

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