“The Teletoon Show”: an offbeat anti-talk show

An offbeat “anti-talk-show”, where all blows are permitted, and far from being good-natured: this is what the “Télétoon Show” looks like, a crazy novelty housed in the night time slot of Télétoon, which will conclude our Fridays autumn evenings on a cheerfully creaky note.

“It's an anti-talk show, an anti-variety, an anti-everything. It's not for everyone, as RBO, at the time, was not, ”describes the comedian Didier Lambert, who plays the jaded animators in his studio looking like a ramshackle, beige and basement. brown and with old-fashioned furniture, from the “Teletoon Show”.

At his side, the actor Hugolin Chevrette embodies the foil and the somewhat disconnected “handyman”, capable of creating a storm of toilet paper in the decor and always quick to take on the thankless role of pain-reliever or troublemaker.

“He's a super-turned-on hyperactive, also able to turn completely“ off ”. He's almost too dynamic! ” launches Didier Lambert about his colleague.

Slobbery questions

Debbie Lynch-White, first guest of the “Teletoon Show” this week, laughs heartily as she answers her host's corrosive questions, which alone explain why the show airs at 11pm. Who is the worst actor in “Unity 9”? Which of your friends' babies is the ugliest? Who in the art world has the worst personality? Even the actress's sex life is questioned.

“The artists are not pampered and flattered in the direction of the hair, indicates Didier Lambert. Almost nobody talks about their personal projects on the “Teletoon Show”, because who cares. We're here to play, it's not self-promotion. ”

In an even more fun segment, the guests let go of their physical fool, with a little more apprehension than in the “Tannants” pool, let's say. For example, Debbie Lynch-White fulfills her dream of diving into a pool of noodles. The result may not be as high as his fantasies.

“I improvise a lot with the guests,” explains Didier Lambert. There is a way to go far! (laughs) By receiving the offer to participate in the show, the artists know that anything can happen. They even have to bring two sets of clothes, because they might be stained! ”

Réal Béland, Émile Bilodeau, Catherine Brunet, Yannick de Martino, Guillaume Lambert, Alex Perron, Kevin Raphaël, Kim Rusk and even Béatrice Picard are among the artists who have agreed to get wet and leave their scruples aside for the needs of the “Teletoon Show”.


The 10 episodes of this first season of the “Teletoon Show” were all shot in July, in the context of the post-confinement. But Didier Lambert admits it without too much embarrassment: the follies of the concept required a certain proximity, which made physical distancing during the recordings difficult.

“Let's say that the” two meters “is not always very respected, he advances, playfully. But we had everything disinfected. Everything was fine and no one had any symptoms. There was no outbreak. We took all measurements seriously, but when we were shooting, we could be closer. ”

The “Télétoon Show” is presented on Friday, at 11 pm, at Télétoon

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