The test of storm and hail: on Moscow, the rain fell

PHOTO : “World 24”


On the eve of the storm I feel the strength of residents of the Russian capital. Moscow came under a rain storm and hail, reports “WORLD 24”.

In the lowlands formed the whole lake, which was stalling the car. Traffic jams in the city for some time reached nine points. The onslaught of the elements could not stand the roof of one of the capital’s supermarkets. On the shelves from the ceiling gushing water flows.

Lightning also hit the roof of the building of the Fundamental library of Moscow state University. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Earlier in the week in the capital came to an abnormal end of may for heat. The thermometer reached 30 degrees mark. Due to the severe weather conditions at the capital’s railway stations, metro and ICC was handing out free water.