The textile industry is emerging with the crisis

L’industrie du textile se relève avec la crise

MONTREAL – After having suffered the effects of globalization, the quebec industry, the textile will be found for its superb a result of the crisis of the coronavirus, believed an entrepreneur in montreal.

Geneviève Lorange, owner of the company, bedding, bigarade orange, has smelled the good deal when she converted his business to the production of masks for class 1.

This transition is not totally transient, since a part of this market will remain, even when the height of the crisis will be passed, considering it.

“Even if most of the factories were relocated in the 80s, the Quebec is the place in North America where there is more infrastructure for the textile industry. Quebec has the possibility of becoming The Mecca of medical products across the continent,” said Geneviève Lorange, joined on Saturday by the QMI Agency while she was enjoying her first day off in a month.

A growing company

Because the last few weeks have been more intense in his shop and workshop, located in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighbourhood. After having had to lay off temporarily its five employees, Ms. Lorange has worked time lost on a mask for his sister-in-law, who is a social worker.

When she arrived at a product completed, it was shared on social networks, and the demand has not been made to wait.

“It has exploded. Our production double in the weeks since. In two weeks, we provided 80 000 masks,” testified one that today employs 20 people.

These workers, who have for the most part lost their jobs in the sector of event management, deal accounting, transportation, answering the phone. The manufacture of masks is contracted through the province of Quebec.

“My goal is to put the light on my company, but also on all the others. It was really a pool of artisans incredible that deserve to be more known”, she insisted.

A long-lasting effect

This protectionist speech, Geneviève Lorange has always stood tall and strong since the creation of bigarade orange, five years ago. Small-daughter of merchants who owned a fur shop on Beaubien street, she understands better than anyone the devastation that has made globalization in the textile industry in Quebec.

If she often felt that she preached in a vacuum, Ms. Lorange think of today as the winds are favourable. When she would be able to resume its production of covered and the sheets, along with masks, things will not be as before.

“With the current crisis, people have become aware that the happiness is not in consumerism. Buying local is not just good for the environment, it also allows you to spend more quality time. Buying a product that will last, you don’t have to shop all the time to replace things that break”, she illustrated.

The masks of the bigarade orange have the advantage of lasting a long time in any case. Sold between 20 and 25 $ each, they can be washed up to 50 times. Made of synthetic materials, they are also equipped with a system that prevents the accumulation of fog for people who wear glasses.

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