The third band “Sheremetyevo” will work with the restrictions

Moscow. January 10. Under construction at the airport “Sheremetyevo” the third runway (runway-3) due to the close location of settlements will take on night flights in restricted mode. This is stated in the explanatory note to the bill, which concerns the procedure for establishing paartronic territories in Russia. The document was developed by Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation.

“The location of the band near the major cities and towns of Lobnya (5 km), gangway (3 km), Zelenograd (5 km) will allow full use – due to high rates of aircraft noise, the number of flights at night will have to limit”, – stated in the note, published on the portal

In addition, it’s stated that land acquisition in the area of the construction of runway 3, in 2011-2015, the Federal government spent 5.4 billion rubles.

In the summer of 2017 was adopted the Federal law that required airports to install on their paartronic territories (land within a radius of 30 km) and seven subzones with varying degrees of usage restrictions. In the first, most rigid, you can only build the objects for provision of air traffic, in the seventh possible limitations of the building, if the level of aircraft noise exceeds acceptable and injurious to health. Because land and property is restricted to use the airport should pay compensation to their owners. Inhabitants of houses that will be in the area of aviation noise above the permissible level, will require resettlement at the expense of airports.

Last autumn, the global airport trade Association reported that in any airport in the civil aviation of the Russian Federation peertranet territory was never established. The main reason that has not been defined the procedure for calculating damages in connection with restrictions on land use and real estate.

TLS-3 “Sheremetyevo” is built in 2009. In December, the General Director of the airport Michael Vasilenko has announced its opening in April 2019. Earlier it was reported that the launch of the R-3 will allow to increase the number of runway operations at the airport from 55 to 90 per hour.