The third of those infected are under 40 years of age in Quebec

Le tiers des personnes infectées ont moins de 40 ans au Québec

One Quebecer in three reaches of the coronavirus in the province was less than 40 years. Anything to break the perception that the virus attacks especially the elderly.

And if we add in the 40-49 age group, it is almost an infected person about two in Quebec.

Dr. Karl Weiss, president of the Association of medical microbiologists, infectious disease physicians of Quebec, confirms that many young patients are affected. People under the age of 40 years are even hospitalized.

Le tiers des personnes infectées ont moins de 40 ans au Québec

Nathalie Grandvaux

“This is not just seniors who are affected,” he insists.

“If there are people in the population who have not understood that it was necessary that everyone complies with the containment, these figures should convince them,” says Dr. Nathalie Grandvaux, president of the canadian Society for virology.

It recognises, however, that in the perceptions, the virus remains associated with the elderly. However, the age group most affected is not the customers nor the septuagenarians and octogenarians, but in their fifties (50-59 years), or 20 % of Quebecers.

“The way the message is passed is that it is a virus that mainly affects the elderly, and the interpretation that people make is that the infection affects primarily the elderly,” she said.

False perception

“The majority of people infected are not people above 70 years of age, it is a terribly important message to tell,” insisted the one who is also a professor in the department of biochemistry and molecular medicine at the University of Montreal.

The reason why the prime minister François Legault increase the number of calls to protect our elders is that the complications arrive, particularly among the elderly, says Cécile Tremblay, a professor in the department of infectious diseases and microbiology, faculty of medicine of the université de montréal.

“We insist on the fact that the elderly are more at risk. But they are not more at risk of being infected, they are at greater risk of complications from the infection, ” she insists.

Similar elsewhere

It is this which explains why the deaths occur predominantly among the elderly, but not only. And a young person can easily transmit the virus, hence the importance for all to follow the health measures, hammer experts.

The data on the distribution of ages of the people in Quebec are very similar to those for Canada as a whole.

“This is also what one observes everywhere in the world,” says Ms. Tremblay.

– With the collaboration of Heloise Archambeault


Who is affected ?

  • 0-9 years = 3 %
  • 10-19 years = 3 %
  • 20-29 years = 11 %
  • 30-39 years = 14 %
  • 40-49 years = 16 %
  • 50-59 years = 20 %
  • 60-69 years = 17 %
  • 70-79 years = 8 %
  • 80-89 years = 3 %
  • 90 years or + = for 0.3 %
  • Unknown = 5 %

Source : Ministry of Health and social Services