The third world is coming: Musk revealed the plan of salvation of mankind

Now humanity safe

Третя світова близько: Маск показав план порятунку людства

Founder and CEO of Space X Elon Musk called on to colonize Mars to beginning of Third world war. About it, Musk said at the annual technology fair South by southwest in the US, reports The Guardian, reports Rus.Media.

“Under the threat of a Third world war people need to accelerate the establishment of a base on Mars, where it would be possible to preserve samples of life from Earth” – said Musk.

Третя світова близько: Маск показав план порятунку людства

Elon also said that Mars is far enough away from the Earth, and in the databases there’s a better chance of remaining intact than a base on the moon.

“If the Third world war, we better be somewhere to save the seeds of human civilization, then to create anew, leaping through the dark times,” – said the founder of Space X.

Earlier it was reported that the February 6, SpaceX has achieved historic launch of the Falcon Heavy – the most powerful rocket in the world. Later it became known that the Central booster, the Falcon Heavy crashed during landing.

Payload during a test launch of the Falcon Heavy served personal electric car Elon musk Tesla Roadster, which now flies to Mars and then return to Earth.

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