“The time for racial justice” is coming, says Joe Biden to the funeral of George Floyd

«L’heure de la justice raciale» est venue, dit Joe Biden aux funérailles de George Floyd

Houston | “The time for racial justice” is coming to the United States, on Tuesday launched the democratic candidate for the presidential Joe Biden in a video broadcast during the ceremony of the funeral of George Floyd in Houston.

“We can no longer distract us from the racism that hurts our soul,” added the former vice-president of Barack Obama, in a tribute to this African-American 46-year-old, whose death a fortnight ago, under the knee of a white policeman sparked a wave of protests across the country and beyond.

Joe Biden had met Monday in a private close of George Floyd, on the eve of his funeral in the town of texas in Houston where he had grown up.

“Why is it that in this country of too many black Americans get up in the morning knowing that they could die living just their lives?”, interviewed in his video the democratic candidate for the White House, which takes on the 3 November a Donald Trump showing firmness since the beginning of the movement.

Several elected democrats took their turn at the floor in the crowded church the Fountain of Praise in Houston, giving the funeral a political tone.

“George Floyd has changed the world and we’re going to let the world know”, said the elected to the Texas House of representatives, Al Green.

“We need to make sure you don’t get out of here today after having celebrated his memory without ensure we do what is necessary to do not forget and that this is no longer for generations to come,” he added.

Representative democrat of the district of Houston in the us Congress, Sheila Jackson Lee succeeded him on stage and said that he hoped that George Floyd does not die in vain.

He had to “mission” on Earth “to make people stand up and they don rassoient not so much that they would not have obtained justice,” she said.

Highly acclaimed, it was reported that the former presidents democrats Bill Clinton and Barack Obama had written to the family of George Floyd, which has also been handed an american flag on behalf of the president of the House of representatives Nancy Pelosi.

The latter was symbolically kneeling on the eve of the Congress to Washington with other elected democrats before presenting a proposal of law aiming at reforming the police in the United States.

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