The Times: macron said that Russia is not an enemy of NATO

The Times: Макрон заявил, что Россия не является врагом НАТО

The President of France Emmanuel macron said that he did not agree with the fact that Russia and China can be labeled as enemies of NATO. About it reports The Times. “NATO is a collective defense Alliance. With what and with whom he fights? Who is our common enemy? What are our common themes? These are questions that deserve clarification, and they are strategic. Is Russia our enemy today, as I sometimes hear? Or China? The purpose of NATO is to label them as enemies? I do not agree! Our common enemy today is terrorism, which encroached on every one of our countries,” said macron.Earlier macron different complementary statements against Russia, calling its brand “European country”. “We believe in a Europe stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok”, — he said. Recall that On the macron said that Europe is “on the brink” and must step up defense capabilities, instead of relying on the United States.Although macron said that dialogue with President Putin should be “clear, strong and demanding”, it calls to enter Russia in the security zone of the continent alarm the UK, Germany and the allies, who froze relations with Russia after the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and its support for the uprising in the East of Ukraine.Mr. Stoltenberg insisted that, despite the disagreements within the Alliance about funding and the recent occurrence of the Turkey in Syria, the Foundation of NATO remain strong. “In uncertain times we need strong multinational institutions such as NATO,” he said.Heiko Maas, German Minister of defense, warned yesterday that the idea of Mr Macron NATO at risk to split the continent. “The mental game on the disengagement of American and European security concern me, and not only in relation to our own security. I’m afraid that they can divide Europe,” he said.