The tools that can be applied on the face!

Dermatologists are sounding the alarm…

Звичні засоби, які не можна наносити на шкіру обличчя!

On the Internet you can find many tips on how to make the skin younger, cleaner and barhatta. Some advise to apply a hand cream, as it more oily and wrinkles. Other — to treat acne and alcohol products which dry the skin.

Third — wash with soap and water to remove blackheads. But dermatologists warn that you can not do that. They called 7 ways that should not be applied on the face, so you do not sit in a long queue to the doctor, reports Rus.Media.

1. Alcohol-containing means

If you have oily skin and you want to improve her condition with the help of alcohol means you have nothing. They first dry, and then sebum will begin to form even stronger. The cover will become vulnerable to inflammation.

2. Vaseline

Vaseline can deal with cuts and bites and also to remove the dryness. But to apply it on sensitive facial skin is not recommended. He rammed into the pores and contaminates them.

Звичні засоби, які не можна наносити на шкіру обличчя!

3. Mineral oil in cosmetics

Dandy Engelman, Dr. Manhattan dermatology and cosmetic surgery, says: “Mineral oil can clog the pores. In the end it will lead to rashes on face, black points and white eels”. To see mineral oil in the product, look for on the label labels liquid paraffin (liquid paraffin), paraffin oil and paraffinum liquidum (paraffin oil), petrolatum liquid, petroleum oil (liquid vaseline), white oil (white oil) or mineral oil.

4. Peroxide

Surely you’ve seen online recipes for homemade masks, which consisted of a solution of hydrogen peroxide. Unfortunately, he does not get rid of acne and pigmentation. Instead, you can “burn” the skin and cause peeling.

Звичні засоби, які не можна наносити на шкіру обличчя!

5. Soap

Soap is alkaline, so when washing acidic balance. It is important to maintain beneficial microflora, which protects the skin from harmful microbes and environmental influences. Frequent washing with soap and water will lead to dryness, flaking and rashes.

6. Scrub with abrasive particles

“Most people have no reason to use facial scrubs with abrasive particles,” says most of the cosmetologists. They only damage the delicate skin of the face. If a person has acne, the situation can only get worse. To avoid skin irritation, use a sponge and creamy scrubs. Perfect effect have superficial acid peels, which remove dead skin particles.

7. Cream for other body parts

If you think that different creams for each body part of marketing, you are mistaken. The skin on the human body are not the same. For example, in the hands of it is more tough and rough than on the face, and often exposed to detergents and external factors. Sensitive skin, and it does not fit any greasy creams. Can even pay attention to the composition — it is completely different. A large number of emollients in hand cream can cause facial swelling and an increased dose of glycerin will desiccate the skin.

Звичні засоби, які не можна наносити на шкіру обличчя!

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