The top 20 pee-wee of Quebec 2020: Louis-Alex Tremblay, the swiss army knife of the defense

Les 20 meilleurs pee-wee du Québec 2020: Louis-Alex Tremblay, le couteau suisse à la défense

At a young age, the defender of La Malbaie Louis-Alex Tremblay wants to already have a weapon that his coach with the Aces of Quebec, Pierre-Olivier Roussel, can use in all facets of the game.

The defender right-handed can be used in all the sauces.

“It is a defender full, grants Roussel. It is capable of playing in all situations, as much advantage as disadvantage digital.”

Tremblay knows a season strong productive on the plan offensive. At the time of going to press, his 17 points in 23 games allowed him to occupy the second rank of the pointers of its formation. He is also the defender who has accumulated the most points among those in the hockey League of excellence of Quebec (LHEQ) selected in our list.

“He has a very good instinct to be offensive, to add Roussel to explain the success in the attack of her foal. It is obvious in the light play, he is very mobile on his skates. He also has a vision of the game above the average, which allows him to find his teammates anywhere on the ice. Everything he does, he does it above the average.”

Little weak points

Roussel admits: it is difficult to find flaws in the game of his defender.

“It doesn’t have many weaknesses, and when it has, it applies to improve. It is a young and attentive that wants to be better,” he adds, highlighting the progress in his game one against one, one aspect on which he has worked since the beginning of the season.

Louis-Alex Tremblay #7

  • Team: Ace of Québec
  • Position: Defender right-handed
  • Size: 5 ft
  • Weight : 102 lbs
  • Favourite player: Connor McDavid
  • Favorite team: Montreal canadiens

23 PJ | 5 B | 12 P | 17 PTS

First match in the Centre Videotron : Saturday, 15 February, 13 h

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