The top ten according to our recruiters

Le top dix selon nos recruteurs

There is still no date or venue for the next NHL draft, but there is a consensus for a very long time. Alexis Lafrenière will be the first class in this auction rich good hopes.

The Journal has consulted with nine recruiters to build the list of the ten most beautiful hopes. There were five recruiters of the Association of the East and four from the West. The nine spies have placed left-winger from the Océanic de Rimouski at the top of their list. Lafrenière would become the first Quebec since Marc-Andre Fleury in 2003 to hear his name first. If there is no issue for the first choice, there is a debate for the second selection between the colossus centre Quinton Byfield and the gifted attacker originally from Germany, Tim Stuetzle.

Of the nine scouts surveyed, nine were described Lafrenière, Byfield and Stuetzle as the top three choices, regardless of the order between the Ontario and German. The draft may become more unpredictable from the fourth choice. Defender Jamie Drysdale currently has the odds for this rank, but it could be dislodged by a multitude of candidates : Lucas Raymond, Cole Perfetti, Marco Rossi, Alexander Holtz or Jake Sanderson. The guardian Russian Yaroslav Askarov could also mix the cards among the first choice.

The HP 8e rank ?

To the interruption of the season in the NHL, the Canadian finds himself in 24th place in the general classification. Marc Bergevin and Trevor Timmins have good chances of getting a choice among the top ten. If we took the same rules of the lottery, the HP would have 6 % chance of winning the big prize with Lafrenière and 19 % of chance to climb among the top three. Currently ranked 8th, the Habs could not speak further than the 11th position. But it could always in the event of the resumption of activities at the conclusion of the season or the presentation of a tournament in the spring, with more than 16 teams.

1. Alexis Lafrenière

Left-winger | left-Handed | 6 ‘1″ | 193 lbs

  • Date of birth : 11 October 2001
  • Océanic de Rimouski (QMJHL)
  • 112 points (35 goals, 77 assists) in 52 games
  • 10 points (4 goals, 6 assists) in 5 games with Team Canada at the World junior + gold medal
  • 1er hope in North America

“I have no doubt. It is the first choice. Not just his qualities as offensive, which are undeniable. It also has a physical aspect, it plays in the key moments, he is a leader. A good young man. “

– A recruiter from the West

“Creativity, potential offensive. As soon as he has the puck, something happens. It is in its 3rd year junior. He makes his teammates better. There is no doubt with him. He works hard, character. He has the dog too. “

– A recruiter from the West

2. Quinton Byfield

Centre | left Handed | 6 ‘4″ | 215 lbs

  • Date of birth : August 19, 2002
  • Wolves de Sudbury (OHL)
  • 82 points (32 goals, 50 assists) in 45 games
  • 1 point (0, b, 1 (p) in 7 games with Team Canada at the World junior + gold medal
  • 2e hope in North America

“The big centers like him are rare. But it was not just the physical, he also has a lot of talent. It is in the mold of Evgeni Malkin. A force of nature. “

– A recruiter Is

“If we teach them well, it will become very good in both directions of the arena. It has a little dog, but still young. He was born in the month of August. In five years, he will become very dominant. You can’t judge his World junior. He made the team at 17 years of age, it is especially that is awesome. He has accepted his role, without a growl. “

– A recruiter from the West

3. Tim Stuetzle

Left winger/center | left Handed | 6 ‘1″ | 187 lb

  • Date of birth : January 15, 2002
  • Eagles of Manheim (DEL)
  • 34 points (7 goals, 27 assists) in 41 games
  • 5 points (0 b, 5 p) in 5 games with Germany at the World junior
  • 1er hope in Europe

“Stuetzle is super creative. It has unlimited potential. He has produced at a pace of almost a point per game in a league where he played against men. When you look in the LED, do you think he has 28 years ! “

– A recruiter from the West

“He is the attacker, perfect in 2020, a blend of talent, speed, vision, and creativity and intelligence. It comes out a little out of nowhere. A year ago, he was not on the radar. He has enjoyed a meteoric rise, which is a very good sign. “

– A recruiter Is

4. Jamie Drysdale

Defender | right-Handed | 5 ’11” | 175 lbs

  • Date of birth : 8 April 2002
  • Otters Erie (OHL)
  • 47 points (9 goals, 38 assists) in 49 games
  • 3 points (1 b, 2 p) in 7 games with Team Canada at the World junior + gold medal
  • 3e hope in North America

“A defender so intelligent. He plays the right way. It is offensive. It does not need to use his physique, he compensates with his intelligence. He works very hard. “

– A recruiter from the West

“Defenders who will play ten years in the pro in 25 minutes per game, you jump on it. It has an impact on the game. Not the biggest, but physically strong. He released the puck, he jumps into the attack. Not just a shift in numerical superiority, a defender full. At age 17, he played for Team Canada at the World junior, it is the proof of an immense talent. “

– A recruiter from the West

5. Lucas Raymond

Left-winger | right-Handed | 5 ’11” | 170 lbs

  • Date of birth : 28 march 2002
  • Indians Frölunda (League elite of Sweden)
  • 10 points (4 goals, 6 assists) in 33 games
  • 4 points (2 b, 2 p) in 7 games with Sweden at the World junior + bronze medal
  • 4e hope in Europe

“I think it’s smart with the puck. It has a little more dog than Holtz. To go to war, I take it. He wants to make the difference. “

– A recruiter Is

“Very good skating. A marker, a game manufacturer. It is complete. He is responsible defensively. Awake in his territory. Biggest gripe in possession of the puck, he lacks a second gear. “

– A recruiter from the West

6. Cole Perfetti

Left winger/centre | left-Handed | 5 ’10” | 177 lb

  • Date of birth : January 1, 2002
  • Spirit Saginaw (OHL)
  • 111 points (37 goals, 74 assists) in 61 games
  • 5e hope in North America

“A special player offensively. I like his instinct to be offensive, it varies its games. It keeps the guards always alert, unpredictable. “

– A recruiter from the West

“It makes me think of Claude Giroux. A lot of skills. For his vision of the game, it is a 5 on 5. He will need to improve his explosiveness. “

– A recruiter Is

7. Marco Rossi

Centre | left-Handed | 5 ‘9″ | 183 lbs

  • Date of birth : 23 September 2001
  • 67’s Ottawa (OHL)
  • 120 points (39 goals, 81 assists) in 56 games
  • 6e hope in North America

“The Austrian has amassed 120 points in the OHL, it’s huge. He is a leader, he works hard defensively. You can’t ignore it. “

– A recruiter from the West

“Small, but highly intelligent. The size does not bother him, he uses it to his advantage. Low Centre of gravity, very strong with his legs. It produces creative, it does it all quickly. Difficult to remove the washer. “

– A recruiter from the West

8. alexander Holtz

Right wing | left Handed | 6′ | 192 lbs

  • Date of birth : 23 January 2002
  • Djurgardens (League elite of Sweden)
  • 16 points (9 goals, 7 assists) in 35 games
  • 5 points (3 b, 2 p) in 7 games with Sweden at the World junior + bronze medal
  • 2e hope in Europe

“A winger who plays a game mature. Another good striker of Sweden. No lessons to do with him. Good skills. A hockey player, he can score. A winger’s first trio. “

– A recruiter from the West

“A guy comes in, he works hard. It can mark. It does not have the best sense of anticipation, but it is placed well on the ice. He pulls out quickly. “

– A recruiter Is

9. Jake Sanderson

Defender | left Handed | 6 ‘2″ | 185 lbs

  • Date of birth : 8 July 2002
  • USA – under 18 years of age
  • 29 points (7 goals, 22 assists) in 47 games
  • 4e hope in North America

“It is quiet, it is fast, it restarts the game. A good shot, he has a good vision offensively. It cuts the lines of the game. A big improvement during the season. “

– A recruiter from the West

“A defender who can play more than 25 minutes. I don’t know if it will become very offensive, but complete. He skates well, gliding easy. It makes me think of Noah Dobson, but as left-handed. “

– A recruiter Is

10. Jack Quinn

Right wing | left Handed | 6′ | 176 lbs

  • Date of birth : 19 September 2001
  • 67’s Ottawa (OHL)
  • 89 points (52 goals, 37 assists) in 62 games
  • 7e hope in North America

“It was sometimes afraid of his skating, but it has a nice acceleration. He scored 52 goals even if he was not playing on the trio of Rossi this season in five-on-five. It is a marker. It is high-spirited, he pounced at the net, he picks up returns. “

– A recruiter from the West

“It has not yet reached its peak. A marker is born. There are three or four years, it was not in the best of his age. He went from 12 goals to 52 goals with the 67’s. It doesn’t happen by chance. “

– A recruiter from the West

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