The trade turnover of agricultural products between Ukraine and the EU reached a record high of $7.5 billion

Оборот торговли сельскохозяйственными товарами между Украиной и ЕС достиг рекордного показателя в $7,5 млрд

In January-September 2019 the turnover of trade in agricultural products between Ukraine and the European Union increased by 23% against last year’s figures for the corresponding period and reached a record high of $7.5 billion , reported IA “Infoindustriya” with reference to the national scientific centre “Institute of agrarian economy”.
The positive balance amounted to $3.2 billion.

The largest trade partners for Ukraine in the EU remain seven countries – the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Spain, Italy, France and Belgium.

In a prominent place in the ranking of claims Belgium, which compared to the same period last year the volume of mutual trade in agricultural products increased by 19% to 401 mln. The United States, said Nikolai Pugachev, Deputy Director of the National scientific center “Institute of agrarian Economics”, corresponding member of NAAS.

The combined share of these seven countries is about 4/5 of the turnover of mutual trade in agricultural products. Obviously, the potential in this area in relation to other countries Ukraine is far from settled, said Nikolai Pugachev.

According to him, the main volume of supplies to Europe Ukraine provides for the expense of grains and oilseeds, and also sunflower oil and cake.

As of mid-October, in 2019, Russian exporters are already fully used the tax-free export quotas for deliveries in the European Union MEDA (primary and secondary), sugar, barley cereals and flour, processed starch, canned tomatoes, Apple and grape juices, corn (primary and secondary), wheat, poultry meat and butter.

As in previous years, a significant portion of the quota remains with a zero or very low utilization percentage. This means that the producers of agricultural products are not ready to fully realize its export potential in the European market, said the expert.

Overall, if current trends in Ukraine according to the results of the full 2019 will set a new record in agricultural exports to the European Union, predicted Nikolai Pugachev.

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