The traffic police named the most common mistakes in the exam on the right

В ГИБДД назвали самые распространенные ошибки при сдаче экзамена на права

The interior Ministry of Russia told about the mistakes that often done by those who pass the driving exam on the “platform” and in “the city”, writes RT.

The Agency, in particular, indicated that during testing on the initial skills of management of the vehicle most often candidates drivers can’t handle the freeway, parallel Park, and stop in the box in reverse.

As for driving in traffic (“city”), here are the most common mistakes are that the driver did not signal light turn signal before moving, rebuilding, turning (u-turn) or stop. In addition, the candidate drivers is nervous and manages the vehicle uncertainly.

The interior Ministry also added that in the process of exams in the subjects of often stall the engine. In addition, the examinee forget to give way to a car that has the advantage. According to the statistics Agency, more than 3 million of the theoretical exams, which were held last year, the first time it was put only 1.2 million (41%). “Platform” from the first time passed in 42% of cases (973 thousand successful attempts by 2.2 million exams), and the “city” even less – 31% (759 thousand out of 2.4 million).

Earlier it became known that the traffic police plan to introduce a number of changes in the theoretical part of the exam to receive a driver’s license. So, at the end of 2019 it is planned to increase the number of questions, and in 2020 – to assign each of them a certain number of points.