The tragedy at Trinity. Corruption and negligence

Трагедия на Троицкой. Коррупция и халатность

After the publication about the Legitimate Governor of Odessa and the poor work of its press service, they have reformed and began to publish information about “the tragedy at Trinity”. This tragedy shows what a split in Odessa exists between municipal and regional authorities. Each meets the information and tries to pull the blanket over himself.The fire on Troitskaya street in Odessa “was Hagalil” the main problem in our country.Corruption and negligence. Corruption is that SES seems to have checked all the companies after a series of fires in the Victoria camp, the mental hospital on Vorobieva at a Tokyo Hotel-Old, but still, everything remains as it was. Now even the message began to disperse in the city, that a series of tragic fires in Odessa is a “curse” of the city for 2 may 2014.Negligence is that everyone is trying to save on heating because of its cost. Technical schools, colleges, state institutions, etc., off the heating or keep it on a minimal basis, and the people that are cold and bring with them heaters, and mains such loads are not calculated at us. Such problems are in each region and in each College, school, and even universities.Still there were rumors that the investigation into the fire in Odessa on Trinity will not be specifics and exactly is to blame, because blame the system and our reality. Technologically, everything will be as usual, tightened investigation, and then safely forget about it, throwing it in the archives. The conclusion is simple – cancer is a coincidence and an accident. Source from Odessa complements what is already known, which again is initiated by a bunch of new tests and exercises for show and distraction.skosoi

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