The tragic fate of the favorite actors of the series “Beverly hills 90210”

The miserable life of a smiling actors of the famous series.

Трагічна доля улюблених акторів серіалу «Беверлі-Хіллз 90210»

The beginning of the 90-ies around the world saw the emergence of serials where the main theme was love, romance, relationships. American youth television series “Beverly hills, 90210” was a little behind the trend as broken and social problems: the adaptation of adolescents in society, their formation as individuals, interaction with parents and others, informs Rus.Media.

Where you, the heroes of Beverly hills?

For ten years (1990 to 2000) the popular TV series has gathered millions of viewers who watched the developments in the Los Angeles area of Beverly hills. The main characters loved and learned from. How was the fate of almost 30 years?

Jason Priestley

Good actor remembered for his role as Brandon Walsh, one of the twins, who easily conquered the girls. Further in the life of an actor went minor episodes in other series and test in direction.

A creative career is often hampered by alcohol and passion for racing that has already led to accidents and hospital beds.

Shannen Doherty

The actress largely played a role of Brands Walsh – both strong and independent. However, Shannen passed the nerves on the set, what with it broke the contract, and the heroine is “killed”.

Doherty went through a failed marriage, alcoholism, outbursts of aggression. Now remission after breast cancer.

Luke Perry

Трагічна доля улюблених акторів серіалу «Беверлі-Хіллз 90210»

The role of a charismatic rebel Dylan McKay went to a young worker Luke Perry. So it will be remembered the viewers, because he recently died of a massive stroke. He was 52 years old.

Gabrielle Carteris

The school newspaper editor Andrea Zuckerman performed Quarters represented the best pupil of the school.

However, an exemplary life, in reality, the actress did not work – during the filming of another TV series she was seriously injured, causing half of the face paralyzed. Now Carters busy with the restoration of health.

And I want to say: time does not spare anybody, and popular personalities, he often plays against them. But you know the characters of the famous series even years later?