The trail of the security service of Ukraine and Poroshenko. What became clear from the confessions Avakov in the case of Sheremet

След СБУ и Порошенко. Что стало понятно из признаний Авакова по делу Шеремета

The court arrested three suspects in the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet. “Country” was broadcast this meeting. The alleged spotter Jan Dugar sent under house arrest, and potential killers – Yulia Kuzmenko and Andrey Antonenko was taken into custody.

That evening on television was made by the head of the interior Ministry Arsen Avakov, the main speaker on this topic, which is now gaining sharply on her political points.

In the air of “Freedom of Savik Shuster” he again told how he investigated the case of Sheremet, why so long was the search for criminals who can be the customer of murder.

Even before the speech, reporters had a number of important issues to the entire history of the capture of the killers.

1. Nobody believed the official version that the murder was organized by rocker-volunteer Antonenko because of the “Aryan ideas” and for the destabilization of the country. It was not clear how this will be achieved by eliminating Sheremet.

2. It became clear that the killers someone was covering at the top – very at ease they behaved after the murder and clearly not afraid of arrest.

That is, either they did not kill the journalist, knew that for them it will be nothing.

The police refers to the examination, confirmed by British criminologists that Sheremet eliminated that group Kuzmenko Antonenko. Given that the “Aryan” version impossible to believe, the question arises – who then is the customer and the organizer of the crime?

On live at the Schuster Avakov said that all that remains to be seen (in fact denying what MIA wrote in “the pidozra”). But made a number of important hints, from which it follows – the “roof” of the killer is in Ukraine.

“Country” has analysed the Minister’s statement and what they mean – how to search for the masterminds of the crime, and for the future Avakov.

The trail of the SBU in the case of Sheremet

Asking the question Avakov in the air of “freedom of speech”, chief editor of “Ukrainian truth” Sevgili Musayev said Kuzmenko, Antonenko and Dugar not like the organizers of the crime. Who are they in this case directed? And where were heading this guide?

Avakov recognized that this is a “complex crime.” And further words essentially denied written by his subordinates “the pidozra”.

“I, like you, as well as the investigation, there is a certain feeling that there are people who are still behind the scenes outside of the scheme of our charges, which were the initiators or co-initiators of this crime”, – said the Minister.

That such initiators are, and most importantly, they are related to the highest echelons of power, says the loss of important records with four cameras that mysteriously got lost during the investigation.

“Who finally covered these people during the investigation, what happened to the records from 4 cameras to which the police are unable to access?”, asked Avakov.

What happened to those records – right interior Minister said. But hinted that it could be the work of the security service.

“In the early days, when the murder took place, it is very important in hot pursuit to gather the facts quickly and get the result. My colleagues from the SBU has collected video from surveillance cameras. We don’t know who will investigate the matter. Usually are investigating the explosion as a terrorist act the security service, as murder by the police. Eventually, the Prosecutor determined that the police will investigate. And we started to collect all the data, all the tapes to all the record traffic. And we found four cameras, we are unable to get them. It is a good camera in good places. We were told “we gave you earlier you will not get them, probably there was nothing on the record,” – said the Minister.

According to his story, the record is gone through SBU. Since initially the investigation was conducted and “office”. So she could confiscate the footage, which is then lost to the police. In General, Avakov gave a clear hint on where to look for a “roof” for the killers Sheremet.

He also said that after the loss of the records, the case was classified.

“Knew what was going on just a few people in the leadership of the police and the Ministry (MIA). That is why one of our operations was foiled because the suspect within the circle of these guys (arrested) was someone given the information. That is why I say that there are people who are still behind the scenes, much more professional than the direct perpetrators of this crime. We expect that by how much rope to be twisted – will be the end,” said the Minister.

From the words of Avakov, it follows that the investigation dragged on so long because somewhere in the bowels of the government worked “protector” of the criminal group.

“Yes, in the conversation our suspects have multiple pages of conversations, where they appeal to his patron, who must get them out and protect”, – said Avakov.

While just one or two sentences, the interior Minister did not rule out Russian trail. However, the facts, which he led until only indicates that the murderers covered from the inside.

The main conclusions from the statements of the Minister

So, to recap briefly, what became clear from the words of Avakov.

1. The version that Sheremet decided to kill Antonenko because of the desire to declare to the world about their Aryan views are untenable. The Minister has not confirmed it.

2. In fact, if you believe Avakov, the SBU is involved, which could hide a key surveillance video, which captured the criminals. Which would be easier to calculate.

3. Apparently, on the same line you need to look for and customers of the crime. The radicals are really always in charge of the “office”. And here the question – whether it was a customer or was above: at the level of structures, the controlling of the SBU? Logic, directly leading to the presidential Administration Poroshenko.

Trace “SBU-up” is seen more clearly if we recall, when revived the case Sheremet. This happened after the departure from power Poroshenko and the people Zelensky in the SBU. That is, the logic Avakov, “protector”, which covered the killers, too, could lose power.

In this regard, various sites mention the name of the former head of counterintelligence times, Petrov Poroshenko. However, any confirmation of this information yet.

Meanwhile, the people’s Deputy from “Oppositional platform,” Ilya Kiva (who was an Advisor to Avakov) today announced that three detainees in the case of Sheremet were agents of the SBU.

“According to my unconfirmed information, three of the defendants in this case were the security staff of the times of Peter Poroshenko. And it is not only the use of volunteers and volunteers as a sacred victims,” he said in the telegram.

He also added that “we will become witnesses of the revelations of the first persons of the state since Poroshenko” related assassinations.
Specific was decomposed around the edition “Ukrainian truth”, which worked Sheremet. Around him at the moment of murder of the journalist and tension was growing.

It was recalled in its message on FB, editor in chief of “Country” Igor Guzhva.

“In 2016, on the eve and immediately after the murder Sheremeta, Ukrainian Pravda and its former journalist, and then the people’s Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko, became the object of media attacks. They were connected with Grigorishin, then told about the apartment Leshchenko and so on.

Who attacked – not a secret. The “mission control center” was in the ruling coalition PPB-the popular Front.

The reasons are also clear. By the summer of 2016 Western structures and similar optimists have already seen that Poroshenko and the popular front are not going to meet their expectations, but rather gradually thrown overboard and “Georgian reformers”, and Yaresko and Abromavicius, and other, continuing the line of “Texas needs to plunder Texans.”

So it was then between the West and focused on it structures and the media in Ukraine, on the one hand, and with the Ukrainian authorities in the face of the BPP and people’s front with the other, began a protracted conflict. And for the authorities it was especially unpleasant that the Euro-optimists and similar media had the influence on the part of their voters. And therefore criticism on their part was particularly dangerous, as it disoriented supporters. What Petro Poroshenko could see the threat.

Although not only Poroshenko.

Latest blog Sheremeta, by the way, was devoted to several conflict situations, one of which focused on court close to the popular front leaders of the Odessa port plant. To put pressure on the court then came the “volunteers” headed by people’s Deputy from Warfront by Dade, which was associated with Avakov. Sheremet condemned the pressure on the court.

Such was the situation around the Ukrainian truth before and after the murder Sheremet.

Has to do with the crime or not is an open question. But to investigate this possible connection is clearly more correct than to tell fables about the destabilization of the situation in the country and the greatness of the Aryan race”.

След СБУ и Порошенко. Что стало понятно из признаний Авакова по делу Шеремета

След СБУ и Порошенко. Что стало понятно из признаний Авакова по делу Шеремета

Avakov is aiming to premiere?

However, regardless of the release to customers of the business Sheremet, the obvious is the growing political weight of Arsen Avakov, in the course of this story.

How to write telegrams-channel “Policy of the country”, after a trip Avakov along with see in Paris, and even more after the announcement of the disclosure of the case Sheremet, there were rumors that the interior Minister has sharply strengthened its position in power and claim the post of Prime Minister.

“Country” spoke with several sources surrounded by Avakov and Zelensky, to clarify the situation. And here what picture has turned out.

1. Sources close to Avakov confirmed that the Minister is now on the rise. He established direct and close contact with the President, give him advice, greatly, in the eyes of ze, proved to be in Paris, I worked out the issue with Maidan, solved the murder Sheremet, and made many other less-known exploits. Therefore, there is a highly rate his chances for the Premiership early next year.

Surrounded by Avakov say the different influential forces are also not against it. Kolomoisky is profitable to knock Goncharuk and “sorozat” and solve the issue in private. Other oligarchs – that was competent diluting. To take into account the interests of the oligarchs and to resolve issues is a separate complex science, which the current Prime Minister does not own the word at all. It is also said that Avakov has a good contact with the West (and, as with Europe, or with both factions of the American establishment), and Russia has ties.

2. Sources in the environment Zelensky give a different picture. They point out that Avakov was originally treated with suspicion and there was the question of his replacement. The more that Zelensky has its own team of “true cops”. A former Deputy interior Minister Yevdokimov and the current first Deputy head of the national police Koval (“Country” already wrote about their links with the President from the time of the incident with Kadyrov).

That is, in fact, any problems with the replacement Avakov was not. But he decided to leave for the balance of the political system, as well as to neutralize possible street protests and generally to “Protosenya” activity of radicals. Also, one of the conditions was the disclosure of resonant crimes that could bring itself into an asset Zelensky. In General, these tasks Avakov managed, and therefore the question of his dismissal if there will be any serious penalties (for example, suddenly, quickly, and will obviously fall apart the case of Sheremet), now the agenda is not worth it. The influence of the Minister has really grown and Zelensky communicates with him and consults on various issues.

But the Prime Minister, Avakov, our sources in ze-the team are skeptical. According to them, there is no reason to appoint him to this post. But there are a lot of contraindications. The main one is the parliamentary-presidential Republic, the Prime Minister is formally independent from the President figure. Therefore, if the head of the Cabinet will be experienced and cunning Avakov, he quickly closes all connections with influential groups in the country, all communication with the outside players and will face number one, and we will turn into the Queen that the President is not included. That is, the strengthening of the position Avakov sources to ze team to certify, but his Premiership prospects – no. Unless, of course, will not happen any force majeure,” writes the telegram channel.

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