The transcript of the April meeting of the presidents of trump and Zelensky

Стенограмма апрельской беседы президентов Трампа и Зеленского

Стенограмма апрельской беседы президентов Трампа и Зеленского

November 15, the White house has complied with Donald trump the other day with the promise to publish the transcript of the first conversation between the US President and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, dated 21 APR.

The American leader spoke aboard the presidential plane, and officials re-published only “approximate” the transcript of the conversation. What makes it interesting? In response I would like to quote a reporter for the publication Politico , Andrew Desiderio, one of the first posted on Twitter the coveted page print: “the transcript reveals… absolutely nothing reveals“.

Have to agree with his American counterpart – in a short and warm conversation between the two leaders is really hard to find sedition. However, we offer you a full translation of the first meeting of presidents of the United States and Ukraine on 21 April 2019:

“TRUMP: I Want to congratulate you on your excellent work. Congratulations on a fantastic election.

ZELENSKY: that’s great to hear from you. Thank you so much. Very nice to hear it from you – I appreciate your congratulations.

TRUMP: It was an incredible election.

ZELENSKY: AND again, thank you so much. As you can see, we tried to do everything in our power. And you for us was a great example.

TRUMP: I think you’ll do fine with this job. I have many friends in Ukraine who know you and whom you like. I have in Ukraine a lot of friends and they thought it was – they anticipated your victory. And what you made was just amazing.

I believe I got mine – did something similar. We have made tremendous progress in the United States: our economy has never been in such incredible condition. And I just want to congratulate you. I have no doubt that you will be a fantastic President.

ZELENSKY: First of all, again – thank you so much for your congratulations. We are in Ukraine – we are an independent country, independent Ukraine — we intend to do for all people. And you, as I have said, is a great example. We hope that we will succeed – how you managed to make further progress. In addition, you will always remain a great example for many. You are the perfect example for our new leaders.

I would also like to invite you – if possible – to the inauguration ceremony: it would be great if you could be with us today.

TRUMP: well, That’s very nice. I’ll consider it, and you let us know the date and we – at the very least – send a great representative. Or you this day are close to several representatives of the United States. In other words, we – at least – will send someone (the highest level), and they will be with you. Indeed, an incredible day, an incredible achievement.

ZELENSKY: thank you again, and we look forward to your visit, or the visit of a delegation of high level. But no words could describe our beautiful country. As nice, kind and friendly our people are, how delicious and delightful cuisine, beautiful Ukraine. Words our country is impossible to describe, and it would be better if you could see it all in person. And therefore it would be great if you could come. And so again I invite you.

TRUMP: well, I agree with your words about your country, and I’ll be waiting for this opportunity. When I held the contest “Miss universe”, you have always been wonderful people. Ukraine has always been presented very well.

When you settle and you’re ready, I’d like to invite you to the White house. Much we have to discuss, and we will always be with you.

ZELENSKY: Thank you for your invitation. We accept the invitation and look forward to the visit. Thank you again. The entire team and I – we look forward to this visit. Thank you again for your congratulations.

And yet, I think it would be just great if you could be near us on such an important day as the inauguration. The results are incredible, they look very impressive for us. It would be fantastic if you could come and be with us this afternoon.

TRUMP: Very good. Very soon we will let you know about it – and in any case we’ll see you very soon. Congratulations – and please give my greetings to the Ukrainian people and your family. Let them know that on behalf of my country, I wish them all the best.

ZELENSKY: thank you Again. Have a safe flight and see you soon.

TRUMP: take Care of yourself and play today with a great speech. Take care of business and soon we will meet.

ZELENSKY: thank you very much. It’s hard for me, but I will practice to speak English, and when we meet, we will communicate in English. Thank you so much.

TRUMP: (Laughter) How wonderful to hear! Just great. I would not do it in your language. I am extremely impressed. Thank you very much.

ZELENSKY: thank you very much. To very soon.

TRUMP: have a Great day. Good luck.

ZELENSKY: good-bye.”Constantine VASILKEVICH

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