The transition to “figure”: in Omsk to set the TV to help volunteers

PHOTO : / Nicholas kostyushin


The third wave of transition to digital television in Russia takes place in 36 regions where live more than 40% of the country’s citizens. Pensioners in Omsk volunteers help to set the TV to a new broadcast format. Explain what buttons to press on the remote control to view your favorite programs. The correspondent of “MIR 24” Anna Bazykina saw how people cope with modern technology.

The modern do-gooders and responsibilities of the modern. In an era of high technology, they help pensioners go digital.

The whole of Russia were transferred to digital gradually. Omsk oblast was in the third stream. Analogue broadcasting is turned off a month ago.

“The TV was up to the 3rd number, then turned it off, was a picture not very much. Now, of course, the picture is excellent. Love to see serials and news on TV channel “the WORLD”, – said the pensioner Natalia Shulzhenko.

Modern TV is easy to configure, but the old need the prefix. It is necessary or to buy, or to write the application to receive discounted.

“It has identified four categories of socially unprotected citizens. Is seniors living alone with income below two values of the minimum subsistence level, families having a disabled first and second groups, lonely living invalids of the first and second groups, and large families with more than five children,” – said the head of the Department of social services, Ministry of labour and social development of the Omsk region Vyacheslav Shestakov.

Volunteers connect consoles free. About his visit the day before they warn. The connection takes about 15-20 minutes.

“Basically it is pensioners, they don’t get along with technology, so we come to help. Sometimes offer tea, sometimes chocolate,” says the student of the Omsk state College of management and professional technology, volunteer Denis vortices.

With the transition to “figure” the picture becomes brighter. You receive 20 free national channels, including TV channel “MIR” on the 18th button.