“The trial will last ten years”: how the accusations against Netanyahu may affect the situation in Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has high chances to remain in power, despite charges against him by the Prosecutor General allegations of corruption. This was stated by RT interviewed experts. They note that the trial in court can take a long time, and the Prime Minister has broad public support. As noted by the Israeli media, into the hands of Netanyahu appeared and governmental crisis, from-for which there were legal delays, postponing a transfer of the case against him in court. At the same time, Arab politicians in the Israeli Knesset argued that in order not to go to jail, Netanyahu may decide on a military adventure.

 «Суд продлится лет десять»: как обвинения в адрес Нетаньяху могут сказаться на обстановке в Израиле

Benjamin Netanyahu Reuters © Gali TibbonГенпрокуратура Israel announced the filing of corruption charges, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The head of state is charged with bribery, fraud and breach of trust.

The decision to press charges stated on the eve of the Prosecutor General of the country away Mandelblit.

Netanyahu accused in three cases. In one case, according to the investigation, the Prime Minister received gifts, including cigarettes and champagne (worth about $280 million) in exchange for help in addressing a number of issues.

One of these philanthropists was the American premiere of producer Aaron Milchan. Netanyahu previously actively promoted the “law Milchina” that would be allowed would be returned to the country to the Israelis 10 years to avoid paying taxes in Israel. However, this bill failed.

Two other cases connected with the media. In one case, Netanyahu allegedly promised to help the leadership of the national daily Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth in exchange for publicizing the activities of the government in a positive way. In another the Prime Minister is accused of lobbying the interests of telecommunication network of “Bezeq” in exchange for favorable coverage of the premiere on the Internet portal Walla!.

Case “Bezeq” is considered the most serious, as it is for him the Prime Minister is accused of bribery, fraud and betrayal of public trust. In two other cases charged with only bribery and betrayal of public trust.

 «Суд продлится лет десять»: как обвинения в адрес Нетаньяху могут сказаться на обстановке в Израиле

The attorney General of Israel, away Mandelblit Reuters © Ammar AwadСтоит be noted that this is the first in Israel’s history the formal charges of the incumbent Prime Minister of corruption. Earlier on the same charge 16-month prison term he served former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. However, charges were filed against him after he announced his resignation.

The enemy of the “depth”

Netanyahu himself of all charges brought against him, denies.

“This is a coup attempt by means of fraud, and the flawed and biased investigation, — said the Prime Minister of Israel in a televised speech. I’ll continue to run the country in accordance with the letter of the law, with responsibility, dedication and concern about the future of each of us.”However, the block “Kajol-Laban,” the chief political rival of Netanyahu, General benny Gantz recalled that when a similar situation was Olmert was none other than current Prime Minister Netanyahu has demanded his resignation.

 «Суд продлится лет десять»: как обвинения в адрес Нетаньяху могут сказаться на обстановке в Израиле

כחול לבן@Kachollavan19″that departed ממשלה ששקוע עד צוואר בחקירות, אין לו לקבוע מנדט מוסרי וציבורי דברים כל כך ישראל גורליים למדינת. כי קיים חשש, אני חייב להגיד, בלתי מבוסס אמיתי ולא, שהוא על בסיס יכריע הכרעות האינטרס האישי שלו של ההישרדות הפוליטית, ולא על בסיס האינטרס הלאומי”.

 «Суд продлится лет десять»: как обвинения в адрес Нетаньяху могут сказаться на обстановке в Израиле

In turn, the leader of the left party “of Meretz” Nitzan Horowitz said that the Prime Minister can no longer day to remain in office. The head of another opposition party “Avoda” Amir Peretz, said he would seek dismissal of Netanyahu through the courts.

However, the leadership of the ultra-Orthodox party “Shas” and the party leader “New right”, the defense Minister Naftali Bennett was supported by Prime Minister.Recall that the accusations against Benjamin Netanyahu nominated a long time ago. In 2017-2018, 12 times the Prime Minister was questioned at his residence in Jerusalem. In December 2018, the Israeli police recommended to indict him on corruption charges in the case of “Bezeq”. Prior to that, was actively discussed the investigation of the police in two other criminal cases in which Thursday, November 21, attorney General, allegations were made against Netanyahu.

However, as stated in a conversation with RT, the Israeli political scientist Avigdor Eskin, in brought against Netanyahu’s accusations “a legal basis is quite frail”.

“In Israel there existed the old managerial elite, which is conventionally called the “deep state”. The old managerial elite initially treated unkindly Netanyahu as Israeli liberal press. The situation is very similar to what happens with trump in the United States,” — said in an interview with RT Eskin.

The similarity of problems faced by trump and Netanyahu, also said supporters and opponents of the American President in the United States. So, one of the presidential candidates from the Democratic party, Elizabeth Warren said that Netanyahu and trump do anything to stay in power and enrich themselves at the same time.

 «Суд продлится лет десять»: как обвинения в адрес Нетаньяху могут сказаться на обстановке в Израиле

Elizabeth Warren✔@ewarrenNetanyahu is accused of accepting bribes, trading government favors, and manipulating a free press. Like his pal Donald Trump, he’ll stop at nothing to enrich himself and stay in power. This blatant corruption has no place in any democracy—I’ll fight it at home and abroad. https://twitter.com/CNN/status/1197560334711742465 …

CNN✔@CNNIsrael”s attorney general has unveiled charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust against PM Benjamin Netanyahu in three separate corruption investigations https://cnn.it/2qprWot
In turn, close to Republican radio host mark Levin that supports trump, defended Netanyahu, saying the Israeli media is even worse than the us.

 «Суд продлится лет десять»: как обвинения в адрес Нетаньяху могут сказаться на обстановке в Израиле

Mark R. Levin✔@marklevinshowNo, do NOT step down, Prime Minister Netanyahu. I’ve carefully reviewed these charges and they’re outrageous. This is an assault on freedom of the press and the investigation was corrupt. And your media is ever worse than ours. https://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Netanyahu-its-time-to-step-down-comment-608643 …

 «Суд продлится лет десять»: как обвинения в адрес Нетаньяху могут сказаться на обстановке в Израиле

Netanyahu, it’s time to step down – comment

The harsh and severe indictment filed against Netanyahu came while he is still serving as prime minister. This is an unhealthy situation, one that is bad for the government.

As noted in an interview with RT senior researcher at MGIMO Yuri Zinin, possible accusations against Netanyahu “associated with the pre-election conflicts”.

“Israel is a crisis — can never create a coalition government, and we are talking about the next election. It is not excluded, Netanyahu’s rivals who will seek to do all that he could not form a coalition”, — said Zinin.

Legal delays

As noted by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Netanyahu is now in a rather unique legal situation. By law, the Israeli Prime Minister does not have automatic immunity from prosecution. This issue should be decided by the Knesset.

 «Суд продлится лет десять»: как обвинения в адрес Нетаньяху могут сказаться на обстановке в Израиле

Meeting of the Israeli Knesset Reuters © Ronen ZvulunЕсли Netanyahu will address the Parliament with a request to provide him with such immunity, it must do so within 30 days after arraignment. Otherwise, it will start criminal proceedings.

The usual practice in the case of receiving a request for the granting of immunity would be to discuss it in the Commission on Affairs of the Knesset, after which the question would be put to the vote of the whole Parliament. However, after the last election in September 2019 new composition of the Commission form has failed.

This means, said Haaretz that to consider the request, Netanyahu will have no one, and therefore, the investigation of the Prime Minister in court will be postponed indefinitely.

Now, to correct this situation, members of the Alliance “labor-Gesher” asked the Knesset legal adviser Eyal Inon the request to create a Commission that would be empowered to consider the issue of security Netanyahu.

Also delay procedures in relation to the Israeli Prime Minister can early elections, which experts consider the most likely outcome of the current government crisis in Israel.
After the elections on 17 September, the Likud party, Benjamin Netanyahu, won 32 seats in the Parliament. “Kajol-Laban” — 33. None of these political forces for two months, are unable to form a government. Thursday, November 20, the President of Israel Reuven Rivlin suggested that any Knesset member to try to form a government within the next three weeks.

If in this case, the coalition will not be created, voters will be forced for the third time to go to the polling stations.

We will remind, parliamentary elections in September was already the second in 2019. Their conduct was compelled as after the early elections in April all the same, Netanyahu and Gantz are unable to form a Cabinet.

As the journalist of The Times of Israel Raphael Ahren between the statement of the public Prosecutor about the charges against Netanyahu and transfer the case to court can take months. Due to the political crisis and very likely the third election start of the trial of Netanyahu can move in April-may next year.

However, the interviewed Israeli media local experts in domestic law note that because of the uniqueness of the current political situation, the public Prosecutor can try to send charges against Netanyahu in the court, without waiting for the verdict of Parliament.

Believes Avigdor Eskin, the accusations against Netanyahu only rally his supporters on Friday they are already out on the streets to support their idol.

“The indignation of this accusation is so broad that in the next election Netanyahu will win a landslide victory, — said Eskin. And we must understand that in Israel the trial will last ten years at least. If I don’t get this process to suspend, anyway, we are talking about a procedure that can drag on for decades. During this time, Netanyahu will have time to repeatedly win elections and will continue to lead Israel.”

According to Yuri Zinin, the Israeli Prime Minister, “to prevent serious failures”, has serious chances to stay in power.

“In addition, he feels the support of trump. Trump acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and recognized the Israeli Golan heights during the Premiership of Netanyahu. It all plays into his hands,” — says the analyst.

“The risk has increased”

The decision of the Prosecutor General to press charges against Netanyahu responded to the Palestinian and Israeli Arabs. So, the representative of the Palestine liberation Organization Wasil Abu Yousef said that for many years, Netanyahu sought to avoid this result, “unleashing war against the Palestinian people” to boost their popularity, according to Reuters.
According to the Israeli Russian-language news portal MIGNEWS, representatives of a member of the Knesset party “United Arab list” also said that in the past to avoid justice, Netanyahu incited violence against Arabs.

“The danger he represents, has only increased,” — said Israeli journalists representatives of the Arab parties, who believe that Netanyahu could start a war, just to avoid prison.

Government crisis and the charges against Netanyahu actually coincided with another military escalation. On the night of 20 November, Israel launched airstrikes on Syria.

According to Avigdor Eskin, in fact, the charges against Netanyahu, will not affect international relations in the Middle East region.

“It’s not affect the situation in the middle East or the friendly spirit of relations between Israel and Russia,” says Israeli expert.

In turn, senior researcher of the Centre for Arab and Islamic studies, Institute of Oriental studies Constantine Truevtsev said in an interview with RT that the danger of a new military conflict in the middle East involving Israel great, but this is connected not only with the policies of Netanyahu.

 «Суд продлится лет десять»: как обвинения в адрес Нетаньяху могут сказаться на обстановке в Израиле

A demonstration of supporters of Netanyahu in Jerusalem Reuters © Ronen Zvulun”it smells like war regardless of the wishes of Netanyahu. Next to Lebanon, and Lebanon is dominated by Hizbollah, which should be considered hostile. In addition, in the Gaza strip in addition to the Palestinian group Hamas strengthened the position of more and “Islamic Jihad”. More recently, the Palestinian group has shelled Israel — said RT Constantine Truevtsev. — Of course, Netanyahu is keen to remain Prime Minister, and everyone knows that he is an Israeli hawk. But whether it comes to relations between Israel and the Arabs to a boiling point, does not only depend on him.”Alexander Bovdunov, Elizaveta Komarova

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