The trials and tribulations of Zoom benefit to other competing platforms

Les déboires de Zoom profitent à d’autres plateformes concurrentes

Issues of privacy and security, software vulnerabilities, hacked accounts exposed on the Web illegal, the troubles of Zoom has hurt the company, but did discover several programs competitors.

Zoom has been widely criticized over the past two weeks for its poor security, a screen sharing feature that is poorly designed, a installer the macOS that had a vulnerability (now corrected), of false claims of encryption end-to-end, and a privacy policy that is incomplete. In spite of this, Zoom has gained greatly in popularity due to the containment widespread that it has pushed, as one can imagine, millions of people in telework.

Video conferencing with Zoom

By the numbers, Zoom manages some 200 million active users worldwide, its title ZM to New York city peaked at about 160 $US on the 23rd of march last and then lose feathers up $ 111 at the time of writing these lines.

As a misfortune never arrives alone, the company is the subject of an investigation regarding potential claims in respect of securities on behalf of the shareholders of Zoom Video Communications resulting from allegations that Zoom could have distributed commercial information materially misleading to the investing public.

Among the problems the most serious, users Zoom have seen their video conferencing interrupted, disturbed by pornographic images or hate speech, or even by intruders in threatening language.

This is in summary what wrong with Zoom.

Video conferencing with Teams


Microsoft Teams

Available for operating systems Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, the application Teams from Microsoft is included in the packages Microsoft 365 Business so if your company is already using the products Microsoft Office, it can deploy. Teams is also adapted to various skilled trades and the access is secured by Azure AD. Up to 10,000 participants can be gathered around the Teams. Microsoft also offers devices to Teams such as hands-free telephones, conference systems meeting room.


Launched in August 2003 by three software engineers estonians, Skype was acquired two years later by eBay for $ 2.6 billion. In September 2009, private investors and canadians acquire eBay 65% stake in Skype for$ 1.9 billion. Finally, Microsoft buys everything in may 2011 for$ 8.5 billion. This is the story of Skype, which focused despite all of its development in Tallinn and Tarfu, Estonia.

Easy to use and available on all computer systems and mobile, Skype can handle video chats of up to 50 participants free of charge and make phone calls. Screen sharing is also possible during a call with the latest version of Skype.

Reverse of Skype, the confidentiality of communications has been poor for several years, as evidenced by the seven Web pages full of links and documents on the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

But with the integration of the encryption end-to-end calls, video, audio, and text and multimedia messages in 2018 for the 300 million monthly users, Skype has taken over the ranks. However, it is not enabled by default.

To start a private conversation, select “New private chat” menu in the composition or in the profile of the recipient. The recipient will then receive an invitation, and all the calls and messages that occur in the course of this conversation will be encrypted end-to-end until the end. Downside : users may only participate in one private conversation per device at a time.

Application FaceTime on macOS


Video calls in groups with the application FaceTime, Apple’s total up to 32 people. “The thumbnail of each speaker enlarges when the person in question speaks.”

To benefit, members must use the hardware Mac from the OS X version Lion 10.7, or mobile from iOS 12.1.4. More details here.

Safe and secure, because encrypted end-to-end communications may not be épiées. And because Apple derives its revenue from the sale of its equipment and its services and not sources of advertising, the company does not derive any advantage from the use we make of them.

Not everything is perfect, in January 2019, the giant apple has been forced to suspend the function of group calls to FaceTime the time to correct a flaw.

Messenger of Facebook

If the Messenger app does not offer all the security of the encryption end-to-end her cousin’s WhatsApp, it allows to accommodate up to 50 people in a group conference, but only six will be visible at once.

Google Hangouts

Hangouts allows you to invite up to 10 people in a group. To start a conversation, the initiator must have a Google account, and then invite other participants by sending them a link. Unlike the first, these do not have to have a Google account. Screen sharing is also possible.

In closing, remember that by using free services of Facebook or Google, know that you are the product, therefore information about you and your use of the services may be used for advertising purposes and data collection.

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