The Trident fined for an actress who smokes on stage

The Trident Theater has learned the hard way that the cigarette may exist in reality, it has no right to burn the boards.

The daily Le Devoir reports Thursday that the Quebec institution was fined because an actress smoked on stage during the performance of the play “The Case Joe Ferguson.”

The use of cigarettes is a staging element wanted by the author, Isabelle Hubert, to illustrate the anxiety of the character of the secretary.

Apparently, it was as a result of a complaint from a bystander that inspectors from the Department of Health and Social Services were dispatched to the site to ensure compliance with the law, which they did with a statement of offense and a fine of $ 682.

Ms. Hubert asserts in an interview with the Montreal daily that the idea of ​​using a false cigarette was also discussed and rejected because of the lack of realism.

She argues that the exhibit is not intended to encourage smoking, but to reflect the society where the use of cigarettes is a reality.

Both the author and the artistic director of the Theater, Anne-Marie Olivier, question the limits of artistic freedom and the protection of non-smokers.

Both the Ministry of Health and tobacco control organizations point out that the law is aimed at denormalizing tobacco use and that its presence on the stage contravenes this objective.

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