The Trudeau government publishes its self-evaluation at mid-term

Photo: Darryl Dyck, The canadian Press
Among the 218 commitments considered as “in progress”, we find the revocation of the most problematic components of the anti-terrorism act. On the photo, a protest against bill C-51 in February 2017.

After two years in power, the liberals of Justin Trudeau have they kept their promises ? If you believe the federal government, they have held exactly 66, plus another slightly modified (by the reception of syrian refugees with a slight delay), and are on track to achieve 218 other. Thirteen challenges posed by the unexpected and three have been downright abandoned. The opposition parties do not share this point of view is rather positive.


Thetool created by the Office of the privy council is proposing a follow-up, not of the promises made by the liberals during the election campaign, but the instructions given by Mr. Trudeau to each of its ministers in their letter of appointment respective. In total, the government has classified 322 of 364 guidelines identified, the 42 remaining being too recent to be.


The classification of commitments is the result of a “consensus” between the government and its political masters, has explained at a briefing a high official who cannot be identified. There has sometimes been a “debate” between officials and politicians, he recognized.


We learn, therefore, that in addition to electoral reform, the liberals have put a permanent cross on two other promises. There is no longer a question of give a contribution holiday to employment insurance of 12 months to employers hiring young people in permanent positions. “It has been determined that this was not the most effective or efficient spending of public resources to create jobs for young people,” he wrote. More question no more exempt from GST, the construction of new social housing.


The classification of certain promises as being “completed” could be debated. This is the case, in particular, that they may no longer file an omnibus legislation. The liberals were indeed granted to the president of the House of commons the power to split the bills containing elements that are unrelated to his main theme… but they are rapped on the knuckles last week by the chairman for having filed such a bill in the budget.


The intervention proves that the promise is kept, or, on the contrary, ridiculed ? “It depends if we want to see the glass half full or half empty, grants the member néodémocrate Alexandre Boulerice. Because this is actually a good thing to have given power to the president. But if we had really realized the promise, we would not have just filed a bill that embraced a score of existing laws. “


It is more incisive when it comes to the return to a balanced budget promised for 2019-2020, that the tool class like a promise ” running with challenge.” “It is self-indulgent. We should say that it is the spleen, that one. “The senior civil servant has justified this classification by the fact that the economy could be embellished by then. The latest economic update projected a deficit of $ 17.3 billion in 2019-2020.


Among the 218 commitments considered as ” in progress “, we find the revocation of the most problematic components of the anti-terrorism act (C-51. A bill has been filed, but it does not remove the Service from the canadian security intelligence his controversial power of disruption.


It is considered also as being “in progress” the promise of eliminating subsidies to the fossil fuel industry even though Ottawa has just committed to eliminate by 2024 the deduction for accelerated depreciation related to the liquefaction of natural gas. The minister of natural Resources, Jim Carr, has been recognized in 2016 have put off this promise having regard to the poor state of the oil industry. “It should be in the category “rejected”, ” believes Mr. Boulerice.


In general, Mr. Boulerice believes “laughable” that the government make its self-assessment. “This is not objective. “The feeling is shared by the conservative Alain Rayès, which speaks of” autocongratulation “. He thought that it would be better left to independent groups this task.

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