The true resilience

La véritable résilience

The word resilience is used in all the sauces for a month. The long ascent reminds us of its true meaning by painting a portrait of a people whose existence has exploded into 1000 pieces after a tragedy.

The novelty of the network AMI-tv, this documentary series of six episodes plunges us into the heart of the daily lives of four Quebec that began a significant process of rehabilitation. Mathieu Ciarroni lost a leg while working in a mine in Nunavut. Mandir Pouye is considered “legally blind” since he suffered from uveitis. Sabryna Mongeon has lost both of her arms and both her legs after having been the victim of a serious car accident on Christmas eve in 2017. And Dominic Frappier became a quadriplegic after breaking neck diving at the end of a dock.

With all of these stories are grim, the filmmaker and journalist Karina Marceau would have easily been able to give birth to a docu-reality pessimistic and maudlin, but no. The long ascent manages to move without ever getting out the violins. In the first episode, when it shows how Dominic, a former football player for the University of Sherbrooke and a bachelor degree in kinesiology, and now takes a good half hour to put on his pants, not his grief, that it exposes, but rather his determination in front of the huge series of tests that he will need to overcome.

It puts into perspective the so-called “efforts” that we must do to stay indoors, let’s say…

Neither heroes nor victims

In interview to the Newspaper, Karina Marceau indicates that it has followed its subjects for eight months. Through interviews conducted by Sabryna Mongeon, she discusses a wide variety of topics, some more delicate than others, such as the initial shock, the family, finances, self-esteem, love life and sex, return to work, the fear of judgment and the acceptance of limits.

“Every time you speak of people with disabilities, we tend to want to present them either as heroes or as victims, when in reality, it is neither the one nor the other,” says the director. I wanted to present them as human beings that lead to a fight. That is all.”

Although it is used to make documentaries that deal with social issues (love is in The region, I speak French, It is necessary to talk about it), Karina Marceau claims to have been struck with astonishment a few times during shooting with Sabryna, Mathieu, Mandir, and Dominic.

“This is not for them they weep the more, but it is for their parents”, she summarizes.

Moments touching

The first episode contains several fine moments, notably when Mathieu finds the smile, walking with a prosthesis than$ 100 000 which could help regain a good quality of life, or when (alert divulgâcheur) Sabryna reveals that she is expecting a child. “The desire to live is extremely powerful,” says Karina Marceau.

It should be noted that, the series The long climb has a video description built-in which enables blind and visually impaired to follow.

  • The series The long ascent is broadcast on AMI-tv Tuesdays at 20h.
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