The truth about live mouse, which has a shower. Rat takes a shower like a human

He suffers.

Правда про відео миші, яка приймає душ. Щур приймає душ прямо як людина

On the Internet quite a lot of attention brought over a video in which a rat-neat washing up in the sink. And not just to clean, but as a real person, informs Rus.Media.

It seems that the rodent behaves exactly the same as people, when the soap is distributed through the body.

However, a video that is so funny, the Internet hides a very different reality.

Some entomologists converge on the opinion that the attitude of rodent hides a lot of suffering.

“Movement is rather strange,” – said the researcher of biology at the University of Helsinki in Finland. “A rat wouldn’t do that if it wasn’t something he really wanted to get rid of. It’s cute, probably a problem for the mouse. She just wants to get rid of it”.

In fact, rodent, desperately trying to get rid of the soap, which from him pours.