The Turkish newspaper Sabah: China, Russia and Turkey – is a disaster for the West

Турецкая газета Sabah: Китай, Россия и Турция – это стихийные бедствия для Запада

Russia, along with Turkey and China, it is like a real “disaster” that threatens the West led by the United States. This is the version of the article published in the Turkish newspaper Sabah.

According to Turkish columnist, the pressure exerted on Turkey by the Western countries in their political course, reminiscent of the tsunami. The policy of China, he compares in scale to the global climate change, and Russia — with the hurricane.The author notes that the new strategic relationship between Moscow, Ankara and Beijing have again turned Russia into a centre of attraction. Moscow continues to expand its zone of influence in North Africa. At the same time she manages to build relationships with countries that are considered close allies of the United States – for example, with Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Germany and France.The article emphasizes that Turkey plays the role of a “steel rod” in the Muslim regions of North Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Central and South Asia. According to the columnist, the country is currently perceived as one of “the most influential poles of the emerging global system.”But “a nightmare” for the United States is China, which causes their actions, the real “climate change” in global geopolitics. The author believes that in order to be able successfully to confront China in the economic war, the United States would first have to win over Russia and Turkey. However, in his opinion, this development is purely hypothetical and far from practical implementation.

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