The turn viral KRYKOU

Le virage viral de KRYKOU

The entrepreneur Krystèle Gueyaud has pulled its pin of the game during the health crisis, but it has mostly put his passion to the benefit of the community.

In mid-march, the impact of the pandemic was felt in Quebec, while the province is plunged into a state of containment.

About a month later, the founder of KRYKOU made available for the online sale of a first batch of protective masks, while the mask took his place at the heart of discussions in quebec.

In 10 days, the family business specialized in the manufacture of fashion accessories with fabrics imported from West Africa, is said to have passed all of its stock, finding themselves thus in front of a beautiful problem.

“At the beginning of the crisis, it was in the full product development. We decided to put our inventory of fabrics and our passion for the benefit of the community in developing masks,” said Krystèle Gueyaud in an interview aired on CTV, on Sunday.

“At the beginning, it was a lot more difficult. It has climbed back up the slope with a lot of success over the last week with the members that are added to the team to come give us a hand. We have also extended our delivery time in order to ensure the satisfaction of the customer.”

Even today, the government does not impose the wearing of the mask, but pounds to anyone who will listen the importance of this protection measure in public while the déconfinement progressive is started, and this contributes possibly to the popularity of this article in KRYKOU.

Staff tripled

When we know the impact of the pandemic on the entire planet, we know that many employees are losing every day their employment, as a result of the confinement. The turn of KRYKOU allowed to continue to do work with his seamstresses.

“At the beginning of the crisis, we had three at home that worked with us. Today, we have increased this figure to ten.”

Wearing a mask, despite its effectiveness generally accepted in the prevention of the spread of the COVID-19, soon to spread in public places in Montreal.

Only 35 to 40% of individuals cross-tabulated by the 24 Hours in the Montreal metro on Wednesday, wore a mask – a proportion that is possibly called to grow in the next few weeks or next few months.


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