The Twilight

Le Crépuscule

In the hope that the department of public health may ease a little more in its directives of detachment in the coming months, the 19th golf Classic the Twilight and Vincent Sirianni will be held on Thursday, September 17, 2020, at 8, at the club de golf de Beauce in Sainte-Marie, under the co-chairmanship of honor of Clement Marcoux (pictured left), mayor of Scott, and Sébastien Morin (pictured right), managing director of the Hatchery, Scott. The deadline for entries has been set for 27 August. All proceeds from the Classic, originally scheduled for 9 July, will serve to promote, encourage and financially support projects that relate to the care and health services provided to the population of the Nouvelle-Beauce. Information at 418 387-1314 or visit the

40 years of marriage

Robert noel and Bernadette Blais (photo), St-Philemon (Bellechasse), celebrated yesterday (Sunday), their 40 –e years of marriage. Kingdom to the church of Saint-Magloire (Bellechasse) in 1980, the couple has 4 children (Caroline, Jonathan, Sebastian and Natasha) and a grandson (Matthew). All of my congratulations.

The Beautiful Mask

Two young restaurateurs, Ariane Robitaille and Cinthya Carolina Barona Escobar (Tequila Lounge on St-Joseph) successfully launched, during the pandemic, the company of The Beautiful Mask. They design the masks customized with the logo and colours of different companies, as well as beautiful masks for individuals. With a production capacity of 2000 masks per week, The Beautiful Mask employs eight seamstresses, and a designer full-time for the design of cover faces tend to double thickness made of 100% cotton and reversible for most. Each of them is reusable, hand washable and includes a filter. On the photo, the founders of The Beautiful Mask (


Donald Lautrec (photo), singer, producer, entertainer and actor, 80-year-old… Jarno Trulli, former Formula 1 driver in the stable, japanese-Toyota, 46-year-old… Yves Soutières, actor (Bouscotte) and actor, 56-year… Mila Mulroney, wife of former prime minister Brian Mulroney, 67-year-old… Harrison Ford, american actor (Indiana Jones), 78 years… Hubert Reeves, astrophysicist, teacher, and writer from quebec, 88-year-old.


On July 13, 2010. George Steinbrenner (photo), 80 years old, ex-owner of the New York Yankees… 2018. Yves Dumont, 75 years of age, one of the great craftsmen of the success of Lassonde… 2018. Ray Frenette, 83 years old, premier of New Brunswick from October 1997 to may 1998… 2016. Jack Riley, 97 years old, the first director-general of the history of the Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL)… 2013. Cory Monteith, 31-year-old actor and canadian singer – … 2013. Sage Moonblood Stallone, 36, actor like his father, Sylvester Stallone… 2011. Jerry Ragovoy, 80, songwriter and music producer american… 2010. 2008. Jocelyn Jacques, age 63, former director general of the ÉNAP from 1981 to 1988… 1983. Gabrielle Roy, 74 years old, a writer originally from Saint-Boniface, Manitoba.

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