The two planes that were to deliver medical supplies arrived empty from China

Deux avions qui devaient livrer du matériel médical arrivés vides de Chine

OTTAWA, on | Two planes have landed in Canada without the medical equipment that they had brought back from China because of significant delays, said the prime minister Justin Trudeau Tuesday.

“Unfortunately, the planes had to take off without having received their delivery,” he said during his press conference daily about an incident that occurred during the weekend. He explained that the cargo expected have not been received in a timely manner to load the aircraft before they leave China.

“There are limits extremely restricted on the amount of time an aircraft can remain on chinese territory”, said Mr. Trudeau, stating that one of the two missiles had been chartered by the federal government and the other, by a province that it is kept to name.

It has the same breath assured that Ottawa continued to do everything possible to avoid shortages of masks, gloves and all type of protective equipment is crucial for the health workers.

“We received a lot of equipment in the last few days. We expected more in the days to come and until now, it has been able to meet the needs of the provinces”, he said.

In the office of the minister of public Services and Procurement, Anita Anand, is attributed to the problem of cargo to be “a significant increase in flights of cargo from the terminals of the airport of Shanghai.”

It is argued that measures are put in place to ensure that a similar situation does not occur again.

Early entries to the wage subsidy Monday

Prime minister Trudeau also announced that the entrepreneurs affected by the crisis of the COVID-19 can register for the wage subsidy starting next Monday.

The president of the treasury Board, Jean-Yves Duclos, then know that Ottawa is expected to have addressed 90 % of grant applications by 5 may next year, arguing that the financial assistance will then be “delivered quickly”.

Ottawa, on Tuesday launched a calculator on the website of the revenue Agency, which will allow companies to know how much will the grant pay for each of them. The program is designed to cover up to 75 % of the employees ‘ wages, for a maximum contribution of $ 847 per week.

The federal unlocks in addition to $ 350 million to support community and charitable organizations that help the needy during the pandemic.

“This is money that our community leaders can use to train volunteers, increase the home delivery for the elderly or provide transportation services for persons with disabilities,” said Mr. Trudeau.

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