The types of girls who don’t get married

Типы девушек, которых не берут замуж 

In our time it is difficult to find a stable and normal relationship in which you’re sure on one hundred percent. But the time inexorably moves forward, parents were pressing with questions about grandchildren, and girlfriends popping up one by one married. In such moments it seems that something is wrong. And can it be, really? We have collected the types of girls that rarely get married.”Don’t want to solve anything!”This girl blames everything on the shoulders of his men, if she is so helpless that a day without it will not last. In the beginning of the relationship it may seem nice, but then the guy’s can be very annoying. Of course, not think about any marriage when you and the courier, and a psychologist, and a personal driver in one person, and moreover combine it with Foundation work.Hardly long enough. Most likely such a relationship will not lead to anything good.Obsessed with packages, the main goal of her life — more likely to marry. I have the feeling that this girl does not care who will be her lover. Of course, this attitude scares men. It is very dangerous, because you can make the wrong choice.Ravnodushna is the complete opposite of the previous type. She pretends that she still behaves in the abstract, not starting conversations about the development of relations. The guy just does not see the initiative from a girl, it seems that she really don’t want a relationship. Then they quickly come to an end.Reread scatcat girl wants love like in the old movies and the Prince from the covers of children’s fairy tales. Its requirements are very high, she is waiting for the young man exactly what came up in my head. And no deviations from the plan. Her dream life as a disney tale. So she often gets disappointed in the guys, and they can not withstand the number of its “standards”.Obytaet the girl had seen enough friends who are unhappy in marriage, and now he thinks that it’s not for her. But the problem is — your marriage will be what you make him, along with his partner.

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