The U.S. air force confirmed the testing of new nuclear bombs

ВВС США подтвердили факт испытания новой ядерной бомбы

US news today 02.07.2018: United States air force in conjunction with the National nuclear security administration (noab) of the Ministry of energy of the country conducted the first tests of controlled nuclear bombs B61-12 on strategic bombers B-2 Spirit, according to a press release of the Ministry of energy.

RIA Novosti reports that two bomb tests, without nuclear charge were held June 9 at the site in Tonopah Nevada. “The tests are part of a series of joint tests to show the ability of the aircraft to deliver weapons and non-nuclear functions of a bomb”, — stated in the release.

“These qualification flight tests show that the design of the B61-12 meets the system requirements, and illustrate the further progress of the programme of extending the service life of the B61-12 in accordance with the requirements of national security”, — said the employee of the National office of nuclear safety U.S. Department of energy.

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