The u.s. Senate goes back to the more “strange of modern history”

Le Sénat américain fait sa rentrée la plus «étrange de l’histoire moderne»

WASHINGTON | The u.s. Senate has held on Monday its first plenary session in five weeks with new guidelines in effect to prevent the spread within the premises of the coronavirus, which has killed 68,000 people and left millions without jobs in the country.

The senators — including 49 out of 100 were over 65 years of age and are therefore considered “at risk” — have been encouraged to wear masks and should discuss ways to contain the epidemic and to boost the economy of the first world power, grounding by the virus.

“The Senate will be as smart and cautious as possible, and we’re going to get to work, as the essential workers that we are,” said the head of the republican majority in the upper house, Mitch McConnell, 78 years of age.

His counterpart, democrat Chuck Schumer, urged his colleagues to prepare for ” one of the sessions of the oddest of the u.s. Senate in modern history “, where parliamentarians do serreraient not the hand and not gather together.

The corridors of the Capitol were unusually quiet, a handful of employees — some of them masked — sailing from one office to another.

“I’m not worried. It’s just a little depressing because it is so quiet, ” said to the AFP Dianne Feinstein, the dean of the house at the age of 86.

“Other Americans are at work,” insisted his colleague, republican Deb Fischer. “We need to be there. ”

The federal capital of the us is under order of confinement until 15 may.

The president democrat in the House of representatives Nancy Pelosi has chosen not to return the 435 members of parliament in the lower house at least before next week, following the recommendations of the physician to the Congress, an initiative criticized by some republicans.

Donald Trump has hit out at the leaders of the two parties in Congress, who have rejected “respectfully” offer of his administration to rapidly screen for the senators.

Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell have in effect said to prefer ” continue to send the resources to the institutions in the front line “, such as hospitals.

“The Congress, while not wanting to devices special tests in 5 minutes, said that it is not essential “, launched the president on Twitter.

The billionaire republican targué to have a “stunning ability tests, and carried out more tests in the United States that” in all countries of the world combined “.

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