The UK provides protection to political refugees from Russia

Великобританія забезпечила цілодобовий захист політемігрантам з РФ

The UK police took hiding on the territory of the United Kingdom, citizens of Russia, so they did not repeat the fate of the former spy of the GRU of the Russian Federation Sergei Skripal and Deputy head of “Aeroflot” Nikolay Glushkov, reports Rus.Media.

Earlier, one of the political exiles of Russia told the media that after the poisoning of ex-spy under his window on duty round the clock police. It is expected that on the background of the discovery of the corpse, the Deputy Chairman of the Russian airline “Aeroflot” Nikolay Glushkov, the number taken under the protection of hiding in the United Kingdom, Russian citizens will increase dramatically.

Recall, arrested in Russia in absentia for fraud Glushkov was found dead on March 12 in London. Suspected cause of death of a businessman was strangulation. British police have organized a check upon state of emergency. Media Kingdom hinted that the Deputy head of “Aeroflot” killed the intelligence services of the Russian Federation.

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