The Ukrainian company has filed to the Russian claims for $12 billion

Украинские компании подали к РФ исков на $12 млрд

Photo: Aelitatravel. Protsessov against Russia for the annexation of Crimea can become more

International arbitrations are considering eight lawsuits Ukrainian companies to Russia due to the annexation of Crimea.

International arbitration considered eight cases involving claims of Ukrainian companies for $12 billion against Russia in connection with the annexation of Crimea in an interview with TASS said the representative of the Russian Federation at the ECHR – the Deputy Minister of justice Mikhail Galperin.”For today in an active stage there are eight such cases on claims of Ukrainian individuals and legal entities totaling more than $12 billion Also filed several arbitration notifications, which can turn into a full-fledged processes,” said Halperin.

According to him, the claims of the claimants are trying to prove that at the time of seizure of assets in the period of the annexation, they were the foreign investors in the Crimea according to the relevant Russian-Ukrainian agreement of 1998 on mutual protection of investments. Halperin argues that this position is not consistent with the basic principles of the law of treaties.

He noted that Ukrainian businessmen, claim that Crimea remains part of Ukraine, while Russia should pay them compensation. In this case, they are not foreign investors in Russia, says Galperin.

“Following this logic, the Ukrainian side will have to admit that any was in Crimea after 2014, the Russian company can demand compensation from the authorities in Kiev for violating her rights in Ukraine as “foreign” Russian investors”, – said the Deputy Minister.

Recall that in November last year, the international court of arbitration ruled to compensate Oschadbank $1.3 billion and charge $97 thousand percent in each subsequent day in the case of assets in Crimea.

Later the Kyiv court of appeal gave permission for the implementation of the decisions of the Arbitral Tribunal in Paris. Of the Russian Federation the decision challenged.

In late August, a claim to arbitration over assets in Crimea was filed by the company Ukrenergo.

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