The Ukrainian Consulate refuse to help affected travelers

Украинские консульства отказываются помогать пострадавшим туристам

The Ukrainian Consulate refuse to help affected travelers
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Beaten in Turkey, the Ukrainian Consul was advised to pray, and robbed in Malta spouses – and themselves to seek money for the tickets.

Imagine that you are vacationing abroad and get in trouble – you have stolen passport/wallet/beat/you picked up a dangerous virus. If the situation is critical and you can’t solve it yourself, where to go in this case? In the Ukrainian Consulate. This is logical. Because of the Consulate and on the need to help its citizens who find themselves in a problem situation. But in practice it doesn’t always work. For the current holiday season have been at least two cases where our Consulate refused to help.

The Consulate advised us to pray

7 Jul 55-year-old Andrew Owl from Zaporozhye to coma beat Russian tourists. It happened at a hotel in the Turkish Alanya. Alas, the case is not insurance, as in the blood of the victim was found 2.8 ppm alcohol (about 600 ml vodka for men average weight at 75-77 kg). With the insurance policy clearly States that upon occurrence of the insured case of treatment kompensiruet if the blood of a tourist is not more than 0.5 ppm.

– He’s in the hospital, hooked up to machines, consciousness did not come. This is the only assistance that we have here. Everywhere I go, money for transportation I have no husband, what should I do, I don’t know, – told the “Observer” spouse of the victim Svetlana.

Украинские консульства отказываются помогать пострадавшим туристам

55-year-old Zaporozhets Andrey Owl is in a coma on the sixth day. Photo: social networks

Permit the couple paid on July 15. Like coming home, the woman does not know. Andrew though is on the ventilator, but it is not treated. And money for the treatment of women there. She appealed to the Consulate of Ukraine in Turkey, but there she was advised to just… pray.

– They told me – pray. Then advised to walk around the hotel and collect the money because at the Consulate of money to help no. I was just in shock, I don’t know what to do. July 15 I finish the ticket, I can fly without her husband?, – says Svetlana.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine “observer” reported that he had tried to negotiate with the insurance company about the treatment and transport of Andrew home. However, the insurers went to the meeting.

Reception had to wait four days because of the holidays

Spanish in Malta Yulia Levitskaya and her husband on the last day of the holidays stole all the money and documents including passports and return tickets. The couple appealed to the Ukrainian Consulate, but the reception they had to wait four days for the celebration of Constitution Day. Holidays it is a good thing, but companies like consulates must work seven days a week. Rob not only on weekdays but weekends and holidays too.

– We were robbed on the beach on the last day of vacation. Stole a backpack with things, Bank cards, passports and tickets. The first night we spent at the beach. Then helped local police. He not only shared with us your Breakfast. A friend in Ukraine could through him using Western Union to throw us money. So we rented a room in the hostel, – said Yuliya Levitskaya.

Украинские консульства отказываются помогать пострадавшим туристам

The couple was robbed on the last day of vacation. Photo:

According to the girl, to the end to get to the reception at the Ukrainian Consulate, they had to pay for 28 euros per person. And there are a couple advised to get money for the ticket and accommodation and to wait until their documents. In the end she announced the collection on Facebook and asked all concerned to be discharged on tickets.

– Friends, you are incredible! Thanks to your help we have paid for the debt with the tickets. And even still have some. With your permission, pass these funds on an operation for my niece. She’s deaf and her mom is raising money for the implant. All send rays of good!, – she wrote in Facebook.


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