The Ukrainian delegation tried to disrupt the speech of Russia in the UN

Украинская делегация попыталась сорвать выступление России в ООН

© Photo : UN Photo / Jean-Marc Ferré. The building of the Council for human rights UN in Geneva. Archival photoof the Ukrainian delegation at the ongoing Geneva forum on minority issues of the UN demonstrates the “savagery and contempt” for democratic values and aggression to the participants of the event, said to RIA Novosti state Duma Deputy from the Crimea Ruslan Balbec.The twelfth session of the Forum on minority issues, held under the auspices of the UN Council on human rights began in Geneva on Thursday, November 28, and will last for two days.
“The Forum on minority issues of the UN Council on human rights, the Ukrainian delegation demonstrates the savagery and contempt for democratic values, chief of which is freedom of expression. People who call themselves “five minutes” Europe, behave like savages and publicly demonstrate their contempt for the organizers of the Forum in Geneva and aggression to the participants of the event,” he said.According to Balbec, in a speech of the representative of the Russian Federation “adults, at first glance, people screamed, kicked, beaten with fists on the table, some were even ready to start a fight”. This behavior of the Ukrainian delegation disrupted the speech of the Russian side, said Balbec.”It is impossible to believe that such barbaric antics possible in the heart of Old Europe – Geneva, which is the city of the signing of the great humanitarian conventions,” – said the Deputy.He also expressed the opinion that the Ukrainian delegation is formed “not of diplomats, but of those who threw stones and swung the chain in front of police on the Maidan.”

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