The Ukrainian elite showed complete political impotence

The natural result of this external control of the West

Украинская элита проявила полную политическую импотентность

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The fact that Ukraine is under external control , it is a medical fact. It demeans the many, many idiots genuinely believe that the US arranged for the euromaidan to take Ukraine under control. For what? And to suck all the juice out of Ukraine and bring her to Russia

The sad truth, however , is that the West was simply forced to take Ukraine under external control, that she would not collapsed. It was a forced decision, that is to say, not a good life.

Let’s imagine for a moment that external control is not. Which political party would govern Ukraine ?

BYUT? This mindless populist left-wing party that has no ideas, no staff , no intelligence and no understanding of what is happening. To do BYUT if it came to power? Only one – immediately turned to the IMF with a request for assistance and would do all he demanded of the IMF. By the way , Tymoshenko is already doing , as Prime Minister.

Opsi ? It’s a small group of ordinary derbandikhan. Nothing for it but to cut the budget, they do not know how. All they could do is to immediately surrender to Russia and ask her for money. That is also an external control, only from Russia.

Voice? Ridiculous! Immediate external control. Actually the Voice is already an external party.

European solidarity Poroshenko ? This is a group of fringe radicals, specializing in hysterical patriotism. What to do with the economy, they don’t know. If they had power, they would ask for external control for protection from Russia. In fact Poroshenko is already doing.

Servant of the people? There is no party! This is a political scum. Therefore , once in power, they immediately gave real power to an external control . By themselves, they don’t know WHAT to do with the country and therefore fully comply with all requirements of the IMF and the West in General.

Who else? No one else! That’s all our political elite. Africa is somewhere in the mid-20th century! And no election is unable to change anything.

Therefore, the West , assessing the complete impotence of the Ukrainian elite, the absence of her gosudarstvennogo instinct, its pathological corruption on the one hand , and political passivity , political ignorance and the inability of Ukrainian society to control your all elite, on the other, was just forced to take the country into administration and encouraged her to pursue the reform programme aimed at transformation of the feudal caste system of economy in the capitalist. Another way the West is simply not there. Otherwise Ukraine very quickly collapsed.

External control is a natural result of the first stage of Ukraine’s development after independence. As it turned out , nothing but a mafia state at the time of Yanukovych , we build to were unable. This was the limit of our self-creativity

But if external control will not help if the Ukrainian society “show the pride” and ignorance , the second stage of Ukraine’s development will be gone.
Andrey Golovachev

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