The Ukrainian foreign Ministry summoned the French Ambassador because of the statement of Macron

МИД Украины вызвал посла Франции из-за заявления Макрона

© RIA Novosti / stringer. The building of the Ministry of foreign Affairs in Kiev. Archival photomanifesto of foreign Affairs of Ukraine invited the French Ambassador, that he explained the words of the President of Emmanuel Macron about “Ukrainian gangs”. Relevant information was circulated on Friday, the press Secretary of the foreign Ministry Yekaterina Zelenko.A number of Ukrainian media reported on Friday that the French leader in an interview with the magazine Valeurs Actuelles, talking about the problem of illegal immigration, said he, as the President prefers a “legal immigrant from Guinea or côte d’ivoire is illegal Ukrainian or Bulgarian gangs”. The head of state also noted that it is generally not against quotas and legal economic migration to fill vacant posts.

МИД Украины вызвал посла Франции из-за заявления Макрона

Makron accused of treason in favor of Russia

Clarification of the French Ambassador

Ambassador Etienne De Poncin told Ukrainian Agency that Paris has no claim to the Ukrainians in France. The Ministry concluded that the words of Macron was taken out of context. On the Agency’s website says that between the parties the issue of movement of citizens of France and Ukraine — complete understanding.Press Secretary of the Ukrainian Ministry of foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zelenko, in turn, noted that the parties in the meeting confirmed the presence of between Kiev and Paris is full understanding and cooperation in issues related to the movement of citizens of both countries.

Cancellation of visa-free regime for Ukrainians in Estonia

In September the Minister of internal Affairs of Estonia, Mart Helme ordered to find out whether you can cancel the visa-free regime for citizens of Ukraine who are coming in large numbers to work in the Baltic Republic.According to Helme, he intends to submit to Parliament the relevant legislative initiatives. “Trojan horse, including for Russia, because those who come here, not as many Ukrainians as Russian from East Ukraine, Russified Ukrainians, or simply Homo-Sovieticus. This migratory pressure from the East on us very strong, and it continues to grow,” – said on Wednesday the helm.Previously, Helme said that labor migrants from Ukraine “stealing jobs” of Estonians, which is a problem for local residents because of lower prices for the work.In turn, the Estonian leader Kirsty Kaljulaid assured that a visa-free regime for travelling to work in the Baltic Republic citizens of Ukraine will not be cancelled.The EU introduced a visa regime for Ukraine on 11 June 2018. The citizens of this country can travel within the EU for up to 90 days within any 180-day period.