The Ukrainian resort is threatened by flooding feces — media

Украинскому курорту грозит затопление фекалиями — СМИ

© RIA Novosti, Alexei Hollywood Residents of the resort town Berdyansk in the Zaporozhye region was stated that in Ukraine there will be an environmental disaster if the authorities don’t hurry with the allocation of funds and renovations at the local reservoir. This November 22 reported in the material Agency of the UNIAN”the Resort Berdyansk is teetering on the brink of ecological disaster — a huge pipe with sewage can break through at any moment. And all this “trouble” at risk of falling into the sea of Azov”, — stated in the message.
It is noted that this problem has existed for about a year. Pipe broke through several times. Replacement facilities could not cope with the pumping of sewage, and all sewage via the storm drains were out.

Residents of Berdyansk were asked to ex-Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman and former head of the regional state administration Konstantin Brill with the requirement to repair the manifold. It is alleged that the officials agreed, but the work was never carried out.

It is also noted that after the change of government, the citizens again asked for help and the funds pledged in the state budget in 2020. However I doubt that funds will come in the near future because of the bureaucracy.
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