The Ukrainians called the optimal size of the pension

Украинцы назвали оптимальный размер пенсии

The majority of seniors (73%) in Ukraine consider the level of pensions in the country is inadequate and only 8% of respondents satisfied with it. This is evidenced by research conducted by Research & Branding Group.

“As in the question of salaries, the Ukrainians have their own idea about the optimal pension. According to the respondents, the amount of the pension should be 11 041 UAH to be enough to meet all financial needs”, – noted in the company.

Given the almost fourfold gap between the official and the desired size of pensions, only 8% of respondents expect that will be able to adequately survive on a state pension. The majority of Ukrainians (79%) do not think that will survive on a pension.

Answered 2001 Ukrainian aged 18 years and older. The maximum sampling error does not exceed +/-2,2%.

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