The Ukrainians created a petition on the protection of animals in the entertainment industry

Украинцы создали петицию о защите животных в индустрии развлечений

Recently on the website of the President of Ukraine appeared a petition calling to protect animals in the entertainment industry. Its author – Alexander Chaban, notes that 45 States have fully or partially banned the use for these purposes of our smaller brethren.

Of the cruelty of the methods of training, the inability to create proper conditions and a high mortality rate during transportation, the short lifetime of “artists”, a devastating effect on the psyche of the younger generation. Many cities and countries of the near abroad take part in the campaign “For a circus without animals! For circus cruelty!”, – said the author.Alexander Shepherd, who created the petition, describes the reasons why it simply needs to sign. In particular, that for animals in the circus are no conditions for normal physical activity and their rhythm of life disturbed because of noise, vibrations, frequent rehearsals, moving and stress.

The Complainant also points out that the tricks that animals have to perform-actors, for them, unnatural, and dressirovka involves the use of violent methods.

While the petition on the presidential website gathered a total of 120 votes out of 25 thousand is required for consideration. The collection of signatures 90 days.

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