The Ukrainians entered the list of the most rapidly aging Nations in the world

For residents of different countries conditional “65th anniversary” comes at different ages.

Українці увійшли в список найбільш швидко старіючих націй світу

One of the scientific journals published a study that compares the rate of aging of residents of different countries. To measure the “rate of aging” in 192 countries, a group of scientists decided not with a formal lifetime in a particular state, and based on a number of diseases that usually occur with age, informs Rus.Media.

In your list of scientists included 92 of the disease, including 13 of the diseases of the cardiovascular system (stroke, atrial fibrillation, endocarditis, etc.), 35 types of cancer, Parkinson’s disease, hearing loss, cataract and glaucoma, Alzheimer’s disease, injuries received in a fall while walking, and the like. The study showed that all these diseases traditionally associated with old age, actually develop the inhabitants of different countries, in different ages, in some cases with a difference of more than 30 years.

The study authors also assessed the extent of an already existing disease burden for the inhabitants of different countries, as well as changes in this indicator over time (for example, to take into account life expectancy and how often disability occurs).

Analyzing data from 1990 to 2017, scientists also found “the average age of aging”, which humans usually accumulates several age-related diseases – age 65.

However, for people from different countries of the world conditional “65th anniversary” comes at different ages. So, the Japanese and the Swiss are starting to feel 65 years, an average of approximately 76 years, the people of Afghanistan – at the age of 51, and the inhabitants of the Central African Republic in ‘ 53. First of all senile diseases and problems that accompany them catch up with the natives of Papua New Guinea (45).

“Governments around the world are pursuing policies aimed at combating ageing of the population. But whether the increase in life expectancy, new opportunities or a threat to the stability of society depends on, do people feel the negative effects of aging for health. Among them is the gradual loss of physical, mental and cognitive integrity,” the study authors write.

That is why it is extremely important to understand how burdensome age-related disease, and what “best strategy” to reduce the burden, they add.

Ukraine scientists have attributed to a number of countries whose population is aging faster than the world average: typical for the older set of illnesses of people in our country usually there are already to 57 years.

For comparison, in Russia the “old age”, according to the authors of the study, begins at 59 years, in Belarus – 60, in Syria, in 63, in Vietnam – 64, Czech Republic – 65, in Venezuela – 67, US – 68, great Britain 70, Norway – 72, France – 76.

Overall, the authors came to the conclusion that since 1990 around the world, reduces the impact of age-related diseases, it is difficult to live with them, people. In addition, it was found reduction of mortality from such diseases.