The Ukrainians explained large amounts in the payment for heating

Украинцам объяснили большие суммы в платежках за отопление

Despite the warm autumn, numbers in the payment for heating an unpleasant surprise for Ukrainians.

People massively complain that the utility send them bills with huge amounts, although the heat given only at the end of October.

So, from Kiev Ala Safonyuk wrote in social networks that in October, the utility counted her 1630 UAH.

“To say that I’m shocked is to say nothing. Came payment for heating 1630 UAH. What kind of heating? Where did it come from in October? Debts for communal no. This is a mockery” — outraged woman.

A similar situation was faced by other Ukrainians.

According to “Country” with reference to experts, huge sums in the payment of Kiev can be attributed to old debts “Kyivenergo”, which was inherited by the new ruler of the thermal economy of the capital – “Kievteploenergo”. Today the debt of the population for heat are 1.5 billion, and for hot water — 1.3 billion hryvnias.

Another reason for the huge sums in the payment can not be sealed counters. For example, in one of Kiev’s high-rise buildings heating bills in November amounted to nearly a thousand hryvnia to the apartment just a couple of days of heating because of this.

Also in Ukraine there also remains the problem of the unaccounted areas for which the accounts are assigned to all tenants. Such problems can occur due to illegal extensions, removal of panels on the balconies or exempt connected to the shared heating system.

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