The ultimate gift of Maurice Richard to Wayne Gretzky

L’ultime cadeau de Maurice Richard à Wayne Gretzky

The famous Wayne Gretzky has won an impressive number of trophies during his hockey career, but the interior of his residence in California, there is only one, that it has never gained : a replica of the trophy, Maurice Richard.

In fact, the ex-number 99 is very proud to have in his possession the object that has been provided by the “Rocket” itself there are more than two decades. This could allow him to be remembered as the legendary striker quebec died on 27 may 2000, so there will be 20 years old on Wednesday.

“This is a replica of the trophy, Maurice Richard that was manufactured especially for me and presented it personally to myself. I will never forget it, has allowed Gretzky to the site It means so much to my eyes. This was always the case and it will remain so forever.”

An interview memorable

More specifically, it is during his last campaign in a career as prolific Ontario was entitled to a gift of inestimable value to Richard. In 1998-1999, Gretzky prepared to face the Canadian in Montreal in the uniform of the New York Rangers. Before the game, a keeper has informed that the illustrious Quebec wanted to talk to him outside of the locker room. He still remembers the content of the conversation.

“The Rocket said : Wayne, you will never win this trophy (editor’s NOTE : issued for the first time this year). At this stage of the season, I had something like seven goals on the counter. So, I told him that he was probably right. Then, he added : you do the remporteras ever, but you should have this because of all the goals you have marked. I remember how it was great. And he gave me this reply to me, the best scorer in the history of the league (with 894 goals).”

Still today, the former glory of the Edmonton Oilers is considered lucky.

“In addition, I have a photo showing the Rocket and myself with the trophy, he specified. As I said, this is the only one that is in my house. This is the one he gave me, so I am very honored that he has had the kindness to present to me for me to put it back.”

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For Gretzky, the name of Maurice Richard is a fixture of the sport, and will remain engraved forever in the collective memory of the country.

“He was truly a pioneer. It has become a symbol for all Canadians and the hockey national. This was not only the history of the Montreal canadiens. This was a guy who played with passion and aplomb. He wanted to win night after night. I am very fortunate to have known him.”

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