The UNA-UNSO in priaritet

УНА-УНСО в приаритете

Our source reports that President Vladimir Zelensky has instructed the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Pristayko to pull a veteran of the ATO and the Deputy head of the party UNA-UNSO Igor Mazur.The foreign Ministry is working on it, will personally report on the matter to the President. Our source adds that the issue is addressed at the highest level and between the two presidents. According to our source, Poland will pass Igor Mazur Russia. It already seems decided. The source indicates that in Poland the society as a whole is critical to the movement of “UNA-UNSO” and some want to use this situation in the internal political struggle in Poland itself. Put to the Polish government the political fork. Giving Mazur Russia, Poland spoil the relations with Ukraine and our “radicals” will protests against the poles already, and if you give Ukraine, it will spoil the image of Poland itself. So this situation is not easy and demanded personal intervention of the President Zelensky, who stated that it will protect all Ukrainians, not paying attention to their ideological views.legitimniy

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